First target reached😃

Earlier in the year I decided to maintain for a while because I couldn't shift tthose last couple of pesky pounds to reach my target. I stlled countd calories and weighed myself every week. I am delighted to report that I am now finally in the '9's and have lost my targeted 2 stone. So my more relaxed attitude has worked😊 my next and final rarget is 9 stone 7 so hear goes. Onwards and downwards. Good luck with your own weight loss and don't stress it doesn't help


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8 Replies

  • Well done v29let_1 that's wonderful news, I completely agree on the more you stress and worry the less you achieve, I've found with advice from this forum that if you are more relaxed not only do you enjoy yourself you can also achieve your goals

    Well done again xx

  • Congratulations!! :) well done on reaching your first target!

  • Great news 😊 Very well done v29let_1 😊

    Would u like your 2 stone badge?

  • Yes please 😊

  • Oh yes please 😊. I will wear it with pride

  • Congratulations on your new badge 😊 Very well deserved

  • Thank you. It looks really good. I am so proud of my achievements. Even if it has taken nearly 18 months.

  • Slow and steady 😊 I'm almost 2 years . . .

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