So disappointed to discover one of my fav meals prawn phad Thai has nearly a 1000 calories!!

Another meal I will never enjoy again , thank goodness my dog devoured my sweet corn fritters , naughty dachshund but he did me a favour .. I will have to find a low cal version to make at home, onnly indulge in half a portion when eating out.. Aaah well cheeky mid week indulgence had results of an MRI scan, was feeling sorry for myself , wanted comfort food .. Obvs I'm pleased to be cancer free , brilliant but apart from all the other issues associated with having had colon cancer . now have lower back/spine disc degeneration, damage from C & surgery all very frustrating & very painful but in the scheme of things I am happy. But sometimes it's the worst of 2 evils because onvs one type of pain is life threatening, the other debilitating & limits my ability to do day to day basic things whether it be working, cleaning or exercise .. I know I shouldn't whinge but some days all these things are very challenging... Could be worse thou!! But hey won't feel sorry for myself for long ,. one day at a time I will find ways to build core strength again & enjoy being C free until my next scan in September .. Just need to learn to accept all the over complications rather than living in fear of pain . So back to eating the right things that I can control !! πŸ‘πŸ˜³πŸ˜€


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  • Brain tumour box a mistake don't know how I managed to tuck that box one experience with he big C is more than enough 😳

  • Hello Loseweightnow 😊

    I can totally understand where you are coming from. Good health and fitness is a fine balancing act. The way I see it, you need enough rest and nutritious food to heal. Then (and only then) can you tackle improving fitness and weight loss. With luck, eating only nutritious foods will help to stabilise your weight.

    I have to balance IBS, arthritis and a hysterectomy for cancer last August. It took 6 months to properly heal, and another 3 to return to fitness. Weight wise I'm pretty much where I was and I'm struggling to lose more, but luckily I was towards the end of my weight loss journey when this latest scare all kicked off.

    Having been ill, giving up foods I like but that don't like me seems a small price to pay. 😊

    Congratulations on remaining cancer-free 😊 Do you have any exercises suitable for your back? Have you seen a Physio? Are you aware that you can self-refer? Also have you seen a dietician? Having some awareness of what foods suit you is very helpful 😊

    Best wishes for continued good health


  • Thank you Anna for your positive comments & honesty that's what I love about this forum. I'm very supported through my C journey , thank goodness , Physio, Pain management, appointments , colorectal surgery clinic appts all booked in over the coming months... will be closely monitored for 5 years & have a CSN nurse available to address any concerns. But still adjusting to the physical limitations that have impacted my body & life ... prior to all this drama exercise was a huge part of my life therefore weight was always manageable. Weight has slowly crept up but it didn't bother me too much for while as I thought it would be easy to lose , wake up call , not so easy when unable to exercise & got into the not denying myself my extra indulgences as I deserve them kind of thinking ..all changing now , well slowly , only been apart of this forum for 2 weeks & I do feel I can reach my goal . Especially with the support of this community , being able to write down my anxieties, frustrations & receive such wonderful support with constructive info, ideas is very cathartic & positive... It's better than a journal as you have human contact, responses . Also when ones family have been through so much worrying about their mum, wife , daughter & friend you don't want to bother them about your weight as it seems a little self indulgent but I want them to see me back to the best version of myself .. Hope I don't sound too self indulgent just really appreciate all the honesty & positive responses from everyone's posts . Cheers to us all being healthier happy & fitter ! πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

  • Anna , rattling on about me I forget to say you are an inspiration managing various conditions as well as your own cancer situation .. Your positivity shines through , I thank you again for taking the time to respond to me . You may be an administrator but there's a lot of people to communicate with on this forum .. I will say once again thank you πŸ‘πŸ’πŸŒ·πŸŒ»

  • Thank you for such a lovely response Loseweightnow 😊❀️😊 It is much appreciated xx

  • Glad to hear you are cancer free, and that you have had good support through your treatment. We are enormously fortunate to have access to such a wonderful health service.

    As Anna has said, give yourself some time to recover and concentrate on eating nutritious foods. Hopefully you will find some effective pain management and be able to build your fitness again.

  • Thank you Penel for your kind words & you like Anna are absolutely right . We have a brilliant NHS service, I do feel very grateful & lucky to live in a country that has such a wonderful system in place. I know it has its flaws, due to lack of funding but I hope & pray we never lose NHS.. As for me.. I do feel positive about my health & future just learning to navigate a new path some days is easier than others . Thank again πŸ‘

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