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1st Day done

Not much of a milestone but it feels great to be making the change, managed to end the day with total cals within my BMI result recommendation, although it was at the higher end. Think I will try and aim for achieving the lower end but as I am not preparing my own meals I just need to get used to cherry picking off the plates to get to the calories required without building up the fat content.

Got the before pictures taken, sheesh, not going to be posting those! Will act as a bit of a motivator, I seem to easily 'forget' my actual sixe and shape for some weird reason so the pics. will definitely help.

Have been playing around with the calorie database, the limited menu choice here makes it pretty easy so I should have that done today. The plan is once the meals arrive I can whip off the lid, see what's on the plate (we never know what it's going to be!) and then be able to do a quick tot up using the pre-prepared calorie reference sheet. Seems like a plan anyway.

Will also be introducing some planned exercise into my routine today which will also hopefully help.

1 day done, 83 to go...bring it on!

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The first day is the most difficult Stevo5585 so well done 😊 It somehow gives us confidence that we can do it 😊

Have a good weekend, remember we are all cheering you on 😊


Thanks Anna61, to be honest sharing the experience is more helpful than I had imagined it would be, the support is invaluable.

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Absolutely 😊 I have no doubt about that 😊

Being admin really keeps me on my toes!!!


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