Week 8

This has been a difficult week for me in every way. I'm not going int why, I've felt less motivated. Here I am again I get to a certain point and bang I blow it. BUT This time I've not blown it but I'm getting nearer to blowing it... I can feel that feeling where I'm eating that extra extra bit that will hinder my weight loss. I know why though this time... Why I'm writing this because no ones perfect and especially those who just love food and drink and in general love Life... That's us.... But then there's the other sude of the coin where I feel totally miserable when I can't fit in that nice dress as I look too fat to wear that style and I end up going back to my big black tent dress and fat pants which incidently cause me to feel like I can't breath... and feel like I'm aging fast...do I want that NO NO NO

Is that extra bit worth it.... Of course it isn't, that's why I'm not going to do it again... I do think I will just maintain another week though.

I'm small and I really can't afford to eat extra calories as I don't do much exercise. So even an extra few calories doesn't help. It hinders any weight loss, in my case.

I suppose Ive just got to admit it this time and start to use my common sense. This weight loss forum is the ideal place when you feel at your lowest in the sense of you can come here and share what's going on.

I wanted that extra bag of crisps, that chocolate, that wine, those carbs, that cake tonight but why.... I know why, I'm an emotional eater, many of us are ..... That's the time to be extra careful.... Count those calories and don't go beyond...... You owe it to yourself. Be really kind to yourself..... Not with extra food. But with kindness to yourself to be the best you can be. If I can do this, So can you..... If I lose this week half a pound I will be happy. I've been used to 1100 cals a day but this week I've had 1200 to 1300 a day. I can have up to 1400 but I know me and I can't lose on 1400 I just maintain.... When I stick to 1100 I lose..... Some may say this is not enough but I just can't lose weight on any more calories. I've now experimented so I'm stuck with 1100 calories until I hit my target.... I think it's going to be worth it. I have slips and trips but at least I know what works for my body. I think we are all the same on here it's finding what really works for each individual.. No two people are alike. Here's to the next few days, weeks, months of weight loss and our stories along the way.


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29 Replies

  • The point is you recognised that it's a difficult week, and we all have them. The next thing is how we handle difficult periods. It's okay, keep on at it! You have come so far, and week 8 will soon become week 9! Stay strong, week 8 didn't happen by accident, it's because you have that strength, now it's about cranking it up! Good luck😊

  • Thank you so much👗

  • Thank you so much👗

  • Thank you for posting. I really like how honest you are as you speak for lots of us I feel. I wish you well, keep going! We can do this 🌺

  • We sure can Thank you so much👗

  • Good for you! I am also nearing that weight loss point where I usually stop, or get bored with the whole process, but same as you, using this forum means this time, I don't think that will happen. My triggers are less emotional, more boredom. I need to make sure I can fill those times when I would just mindlessly nibble. But recognising this is hopefully the key. We can crack this, LittleLynne.

  • We can Thank you so much👗

  • Hi Lynne,

    I too am familiar with that slippery slope, and recognise the run up. I am hoping this time I will take notice of it and work it out another way instead of putting something in my mouth.

    I eat when I am happy, sad, angry, it is something I do well. I am huge and really can't go on this way anymore, really feeling it the older I get, my joints and muscles.

    I can't imagine what it's like to eat to live, I am the opposite and love to eat. Keep going Lynne :) :)

  • Thank you so much👗

  • Wow, I am so, so with you here. <3 This is exactly how I feel.

    Thankyou for being so honest, and, well done for having the ability to say to yourself, no - this is not ok. That is what I battle with, I find it very hard to be good to myself, and and almost punish myself by eating to much. A sort of 'what's the point' mentality sometimes.

    I am also very small, so have to be really vigilant over what I eat, which is tough when out with friends etc and they can eat happily away, and you have to look like grinch pretending you don't want anymore.

    I hope you loose that half a pound, but if you don't, don't feel too bad, it is only one week out of many.

  • So true Thank you so much👗

  • Thank you so much👗

  • Well done you have written down what we all feel know and go through. You are a winner well done 2 fingers in the air to anyone who says your not

  • I'm with you on the being short and cannot spare any extra calories LittleLynne 😕 I try to tell myself I'm making a choice of how to spend my calories, and it helps somewhat.

    Have a look at the new year amnesty for a few more suggestions healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

    Best wishes


  • Thank you so much👗 I will take a look

  • Hi Lynne,

    Thank you for your honest post, if it helps I can also relate to what you are feeling and battling with.

    Weight loss and emotional eating aren't the best of friends and sometimes you will win other times not ( I don't mean that in a critical way 😀). About 18mths ago I was about 5Ib from my goal and now I'm 2st off goal.

    I've thought long and hard about starting a weight loss journey again and the reality is I like weighing less and feeling fitter and healthier , so I've started with a clean slate and armed with some self help tools re emotional eating I'm hoping to turn this around.

    You will get there, your drive and determination shines through, I look forward to hearing from you💐


  • You will get to your goal this time. We have to... Even just to know the feeling what it will be like to get to goal will be worth it and then to maintain for us will be our next step. Thank you so much👗

  • Forgot to say Lynn I found your post really powerful and today you have really helped me refocus. Thank you so much xx


  • Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words. 😊

    I am so happy that it helped to refocus.

  • Love your honesty & totally agree . I slipped up last night because I was feeling sorry for myself, this morning had a read through this forum .. I will pick myself up today eat less & get back on track because those are the things I can control . Don't want to wear the fat clothes anymore !! Thank you 👍

  • The forum is such a huge help for us all 😊

  • Admitting one's weakness is really tough specially at times like this such as admitting to ourselves that we gained a lot. But when we see our reflection in the mirror, we go back to reality. That's when we can actually say that its really time for us to change our ways and manners on handling our body.

    Like we can restrict ourselves from eating too much calories but its the matter of how? here comes discipline in all aspects of life. We totally know eating too much harm not just our figure but also our health. So,we must always put dedication towards reaching our goals and put extra effort in maintaining a good and healthy body.

  • So true 😊

  • I'm sure there are a lot of us on the forum that feel just like you do LittleLynne, I too am struggling at the moment. Maintaining is better than putting on and is a skill in itself. At least you have identified the problems and no what you should be doing. Keep going, you will get there.💐

  • I got a lovely surprise at weigh in. I couldn't believe it, I'd actually lost weight. 😊

  • There you go, what a lovely suprise, well done:)

  • LittleLynne have you joined the weigh in for today - if not why not go along and introduce your self, you'll get lots of support. You can find it in the Newsfeed.

  • Yes I weighed in, Saturday is my weigh in day so I will be there again tomorrow. Thank you

  • good luck :)

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