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Coffeemate and carbs

Hi, guys, does coffeemate contain alot of carbs? I don't really inderstand the info on the labels. I DO drink alot of coffee and rough estimate of Coffeemate intake is 15-20 small spoons and I use sucralose for sweetener. Info on tub is 3.8g per serving of cm...now how do I calculate that in total for a day. And does sucralose contain any sugar. I am willing to ditch the cm if I can find creamy alternative :/ thanks alot.

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Hi Daffodil, coffeemate does have a lot of carbs and it sounds like you are drinking quite a lot of it every day too. I love my coffee and don't like it black, so have been moving over to a splash of skim milk. I think the main thing is getting used to the healthy option bit by bit, after a while you will not notice and I actually find a lot of creamers just too rich now. Good luck!

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Coffee mate light has 28cals and 5.5g carbs or semi skimmed milk has 2.5 carbs per 50ml and 25 cals.

One serving of coffee mate is 2 heaped teaspoons.

Sucralose powder contains more carbs than the tablet version.

Hope this helps😃


Have a look at the list of ingredients, they're not something I'd want to drink! Have a look at other options if you don't drink milk, but make sure to check the list of all the ingredients. Perhaps try drinking alternatives to coffee. Might be a good idea to try to wean yourself off the artificial sweetener, if you can.

Artificial foods/drink tend not to be good for our health in the long term.


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