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Out of control

Well, this week has been interesting so far. I was supposed to be starting a new job on Tuesday and one that I had to really psyche myself up to apply for and was thrilled to be offered. Due to a mix up and bureaucracy but thankfully not my fault, I am now in limbo as to a start date or indeed, if I have the job at all. I was 'lost' when I got back home and very despondent. But, you see, it was harder for me as I am a wee bit of a control freak.

I love lists, I need plans, I like to know where my family are so they are safe.....my lists have lists! So having the rug pulled from under me has given me a wobble.

BUT.....it also has given me the chance to reflect and this is something I rarely do. There are some things I just do not have control over. The job is one of them. So why am I writing this on this blog?

Well, I did not log my weight this week as I have maintained....that is not bad as I am now becoming more aware of my body than I have ever been. I cannot control my hormones....I am fed up on the same day every month, there is that week when I am bloated and look tired out, then the fog lifts and the scales show a loss and my energy levels increase. The one fabulous thing is that I CAN control how I deal with the cyclical blip days. I keep up my exercise, I keep down my calories and I am so very, VERY chuffed that I am finally able to take control of that!

Instead of dwelling and wondering what to do today, I went out on my first Couch 2 5K and I was absobloodylutely knackered! The sheep were embarrassed as I wobbled past them, swearing at the poor app trainer telling me it is time for my next sixty second run....but I did it!!!! That wasn't on my list!

Sorry to waffle on.....but this healthy change is a whole lifestyle change and I am loving it and the continued support on here is absolutely priceless, thank you xx

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Wow go you 👍😊🏃 Well done getting out there and doing the run don't worry about the sheep they will never tell or gossip about the lady running by and cursing her app lol.🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

I am like you I have lists I need to know what I am doing and plan every day, it becomes an obsession, can be very tiresome and I think part of my sleep deficiency is too much worrying.😡

I am now learning like yourself to stop overthinking things I cannot control it's hard because my husband is a whatever kind of person any more laid back and he would be Comotosed.

I hope the job situation sorts itself out quickly and works in your favour, good luck for that one👍

Have a fab day and get ready to give those sheep another visit soon. Bev😊


Morning Josie101170

Sorry to hear about your new job, hope it all works out for you in the end. It must be so frustrating not knowing where you stand.

I always think reflection is a good thing as we work our way along and helps to see things more clearly too. Well done on doing the C25K today that is brilliant going and those sheep will soon be saying " look at her go!" lol.

Have a good day.



Sometimes we just have to accept there is a reason these things happen!

I hope your job situation resolves soon, but mightily impressed with your running solution! Much better than comfort food!

Good luck 😘💞


That is fabulous news Josie101170, not the job thing but the running - well done you. Feel proud, very proud.


Thank you everyone....I was so out of breath but will do it again....😳 Thankfully, I have had my official job offer today (my new boss had 'forgotten' to inform her supervisors 🙄) So it shouldn't be long before I am working again....and away from the fridge!!! xxx


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