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A long journey towards healthy weight - on completion of my first NHS 12 weeks weight loss plan

Hello my friends,

I meant to write to tell you about my completion of first NHS 12 weeks weight loss plan, but as you all known, life's too busy sometimes.

I want to thank you all on this forum. My weight loss journey would be much harder without this forum, for obvious reasons.

My weight on last Saturday morning was 57.1kg, my starting weight was 61.6kg. On completion of my 1st 12 weeks ( I took 3 weeks off altogether, so it's not 12 week consecutive), my total weight loss is 4.5kg.

My BMI is now in a healthy range (though still on borderline). So it's a good result, I'm happy to report. I know my journey doesn't stop here, I need to work on maintenance, also need to decide how much more I want to lose (I'll reveal my reasons for further weight loss in future posts). But for now, I need to take a break, I'll still be mindful of what I eat, my exercise, but I think a week off will do me good.

Good luck to your weight loss journey!


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Good for you Jane, taking a break for maintenance, is good for you, mind, body and soul :)

You could join our maintenance club, for support and tips :)

All the best! :)

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Thanks! I'll need a lot of support and tips when I actually enter the maintenance status:)

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Well done happyhealthy jane! Enjoy your diet-free week, I'd love to hear what you eat during the week, and whether you still watch the calories!

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I pretty much eat what I like, just in small portions, I don't watch my calories for a change. But I still make healthier choices, thanks to my new habit developed in the last 12 -15 weeks:)


HI Jane

Well done. I have just finished the 12 week Journey. And lost 3 Stone. But started again to reach my Target . I Know easy ,but don't undo the Good work.

Have a Few treats but Not Food ones, new dress, or shorts. And if it has to be Food, Healthy choice. I have treated myself to New Shirts ,trouser, and a new bike. And the best thing is when people say how well I Look.

So have a break and come back stronger.

Kind Regards Phil62


Hi Phil,

3 stones in 3 weeks is an amazing achievement! you should be proud of yourself!

"Have a break and come back stronger!" Love this, thanks, I'll come back stronger!

Best wishes,



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