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Proud of myself!

Hi guys, haven't been around for a few days, hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend, and if you did give into the chocolate that you're not beating yourself up too much!

I've had a goal to be able to run a 5k for a while - gave myself a deadline of September so I can do the Brighton Colour Run, so I had a while to train - I've never done C25k because I'm just rubbish at committing, plus my body takes a huge amount of time to recover from runs for some reason. So I've just been trying to increase the amount I run by a bit each time.

So I went out with my boyfriend (who incidentally, is marathon training right now) for a run Sunday, with the intention of doing 4k this time, so we planned a route and went for it. Upon coming up to the end of the route, I realised I wasn't at all dead, and could go further! So Easter was my first ever 5k! I was so happy I nearly cried! I pulled a hamstring a little, and my hips are still very grumbly about it, but it was totally worth it. Time was around 42 minutes, so it wasn't the quickest, but I'm still chuffed to bits :)

So I hear once you hit 5k, it's good to work on that for about 6 months before trying to improve on time or distance? Now I've done that I'm super excited at the idea of going further, or entering races and doing crazy such things that a year ago I'd never thought possible!

tl;dr - did my first 5k, over the moon!

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Woohoo, CR! WTG you!! That's a terrific achievement and no wonder you're feeling proud of yourself, I'm proud of you too!!! :)

Your time is brilliant too and I should know, because I'm the world's slowest tortoise!! :D

I hope you'll join our Tortoise and Hare Running Club and keep us posted about all future runs.

Happy running! :)

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Thanks moreless :) I shall endeavour to post there when I see it! I've signed up for one of the Brighton Park runs, and I'm going to talk with some of my friends about committing to the Colour Run. It's all very exciting!


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