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Better than expected

Hi all. Hope your having a good week. Weigh day this morning, and I can tell you I wasn't looking forward to it after Easter Egg Gate. (Well, chocolate bar gate really). Also, for some unknown reason I've taken to having a couple if slices of cheese for supper. I stopped with the crackers as of Monday. Anyway, with some trepidation I measured my waist. 1.5 inches down. Way to go! Soooo pleased. Got on the scales and down 1.8lbs. Very pleased as I'm more concerned with measurement than weight. So, onwards and downwards. Hope everyone is feeling good on this sunny, chilly day 😘

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Excellent news, Sally! Well done you! :)

Keep up the great work and have another fab week :)

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Good work! I too like a Wallace and Gromitt style bedtime snack (despite my Dad's warnings about cheese and bad dreams!) last night though I had carrot sticks and hummus- more of a Ware-rabbit vibe :)

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