Why does my body hate me please?!

So at weigh in on Sunday I'd lost 3.4lbs and was feeling epic. On Monday I'd put 1.4 back on (without eating any chocolate on Easter) but thought that could be anything - water / extra exercise yadda yadda yadda. Yesterday put another pound on and today another again. What the actual? All I've changed since last week is no longer going for long walks, but I have swapped them for much more intensive gym sessions. Haven't changed my calories, or started drinking again or anything. Why body whyyyy?!

It seems to me I always get to 19.5st and then my body goes that's enough of that, back you go...

Back to school yesterday so trying really hard not to fall into bad habits but right now it feels like I might as well just have the biscuits at break time and raid the vending machines at lunch. Gah.


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22 Replies

  • Don't let your drops and gains upset you. If you have changed your exercise routine (it sounds like you are now focusing on other muscle groups, not just your legs) you may just be building up some more muscle. Or as you say, it may well be just water.

    Keep in mind that muscle is denser but also heavier than fat, so you could take other measurements in addition to just weighing yourself if you are concerned.

    Weighing yourself daily may just add to the frustration as your weight naturally fluctuates, if you want to continue weighing yourself daily, maybe rather than comparing your weight to the previous day always compare to the same day of the previous week, I'm sure you'll see progress more easily that way. :)

    Stick with your healthy choices and have an apple instead of those biscuits, you'll do great, just give your body some time to adjust.

  • Thanks - I like the idea of comparing to the previous week's day rather than the day before - might start doing that. I have avoided the biscuits today so hopefully will see the results I want by the end of the week.

  • I feel your pain. This is why I can't weigh everyday because I feel like I am weighing my food and water from the day before. Don't panic. Just do what you know worked last week, don't try to over compensate or anything today. Just see how it goes through the week. You're still a way off Sunday, so before you panic I'd see what you weigh when you get there. Hopefully it's just normal body fluctuations. Or it could be the change in exercise? I don't know enough about it but I'm sure it can cause temporary water gain.

    Saying that, whenever I get anywhere close to 14st 7lb I gain 2lb. Lol this has been the sort of pattern since Christmas! I wonder if it's psychological or if my body does actually freak out at the number?

    Please don't give up or feel bad because you are doing amazingly well and you've made some great changes! :) so even if your weight isn't moving you're still making an effort that will improve your health.

  • Thanks. I'm normally quite good at just being happy to be on the journey and remembering that my blood pressure has dropped massively which was the main point. But just hate seeing big gains when you've proper battled to not buy and eat all the chocolate, which I would have loved to do over the weekend. I love a mini egg!!

  • Brilliant news about your blood pressure dropping BadlyDrawnBadger. I reckon that is way more important than what the scales say.

  • Don't despair, BDB, our bodies do sometimes seem to have it in for us, but the only thing to do, is keep the faith and wait for the whoosh effect! :)

    Weight gain is quite common after a change in exercise intensity, so just give your muscles time to settle down and I'm sure you'll see that things will go back to normal :)

  • Thanks moreless - I'll keep persevering and hopefully will reap the rewards from the cross-trainer and lack of Easter egg either this week or next.

  • Step back from the vending machine! You are doing a brilliant job committing to loosing weight. I totally identify with the 'what's the point' feeling but we need to be tough cookies and stick to the plan....eyes on the prize - one day it will be ours. Mwhaha ;)

  • Thanks! I have refrained from the magical vending machines of amazing chocolate snackage so hopefully my body will stop being annoying soon!

  • I know what you mean I have struggled this week but have also had to eat out every night since sat because I was visiting at friends in London over weekend and she arranged for us to eat out and when I came back I had to eat out again because of my mother in laws birthday but no healthy food on the menus except once so this week so far I have put on 4lbs by this morning. It is my weigh in tomorrow morning though. I also have a wedding to go to on Saturday as well so I am just hoping all will be ok for next week too.

  • I suppose sometimes you just have to accept that things are against you, make the best choices you can and then know that it won't make that much difference in the long run. As long as we keep going, the long game will work in our favour!

  • Hi. As frustrating as it is do not raid the biscuit tin, it will make you feel awful. Do you measure? Last week I'd lost 1.5 inches from my waist, and my husband says it is noticeable. But to be honest I was surprised that I'd lost 1.5lbs in weight. Now, to be honest, give me inches over weight any time. Hormones, blardy blardy blarh etc. Water. I don't believe anybody can physically put on 1lb of fat over night. That's why if my scales scream at me that I've gained 3lbs in two days, I scream back; liar! And just get on with it. Usually the week later it's gone. Don't give up. That 19.5 stone thing is your hang up. Try to push through it. Mine is 14.2. I get there and then it all goes tumbling down til I'm back up at 15stone. But this time I made myself stop at 14.6 and realising I need help joined nhs weight loss and this forum. I am not allowing myself to fall at 14.2 again. Last November I proved I could do it and got passed that weight to 13.10. I was so pleased as I did it for my 60th birthday as my husband was throwing a party for me. I looked amazing, and that photo is spurring me on. So, I'm gunna do it and so are you. Better luck next week😘

  • Thanks! I do measure as well, but find it quite inaccurate as I tend to forget which wobbly bit I've measured! But can tell from my jeans that the stone I've lost so far has made a difference. But I will keep going, just in a childish way I want a reward for my effort! A proper one!!

  • I love the idea of screaming liar at the scales, must try that.

    Thank you for sharing your journey and week done for beating your 14.2 nemesis.

  • Hi BDB glad to hear that you are sticking with it. I had a small relapse over Easter and felt terrible for the last couple of days. Not because I had put on a bit of weight, but because I had over indulged on the food and drink. My body was definitely trying to tell me something! So it is definitely worth sticking with it. You will get past this I am confident. James

  • Thanks James - I can't really imagine going back to eating how I did - I know on the days I have slipped I feel rubbish afterwards too, which i suppose is a good sign for both of us that our bodies are reminding us that bad food has consequences!

    Hope you're feeling a bit better now after the relapse and ready to fight the good fight! 😁

  • I do something very similar BadlyDrawnBadger, it is very rare that two days are the same. Very frustrating. I take comfort from knowing that I am eating well and no rubbish passes my lips.

    It is coming on the forum that keeps me going and sane.

    Are your clothes fitting you better? Is your exercise easier? There are probably loads of non-scale successes for you to draw on. I think the diet industry had made us all fixate on the numbers on the scales.

    Keep going and take care.

  • Hi Ceals - yes to all of the above. So I am feeling loads better in myself, can tell how much fitter I am, like the fact my jeans are a bit loose and I could probably buy the next size down, so know I've got to focus on that and the long game rather than any immediate loss.

    I think it was mainly just an Easter thing - that I hadn't stuffed my face on all the chocolate and had gone to the gym every day over the weekend instead, so I wanted some kind of visual reward to remind myself I'd done the right thing and instead felt like I'd been punished! (Daft I know!)

    But feeling more positive about the whole thing now, ate well yesterday, went to the gym last night and going to ignore scales today because I should just be happy that I know I'm doing the right thing and treating my body right.

    Hope you have a good week!

  • You are not daft to want a reward, we are human and respond just in thecsamecwas as the pupils at your school.

    Take care

  • This happens to me when I up my exercise intensity - it's usually just your muscles retaining water to repair themselves. Be warned - it can sometimes take me a week to flush it back out though! Very, very frustrating, especially as upped exercise usually coincides with good eating habits and the scales should be dropping.

    It does sound like absolutely everything else is going in the right direction though- you should be proud of yourself.

  • Thanks! I am. I'm sure I'll see a loss at some point, I know it's all just about not giving up in the meantime - whichever I'm not. Went to gym again last night so hopefully the good work will catch up with scales soon enough!

  • It definitely will eventually - but the waiting period is so frustrating. I am often told that patience is a virtue :)

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