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weight loss dilema

I am in a bit of a dilemma . when I started in January I weighed 74 kg and had a bmi of 26 which for my height of 5ft 7ins and aged 63 meant that I was over weight. on my last check I have gone to weighing 66 kg and my bmi is 22.8 so I am not officially over weight. I feel so much better now I have more energy and I am eating healthier. I would like to loose another 4 kg but I am wondering if that may be a bit much, maybe I should just work to stay as I am, my worry is that if I do that I could easily start pilling on the pounds again because I am not confident enough with my new way of eating to not slip back into my old ways again, opinions please

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How about maintaining for a while, Suige and see how you get on? You may decide at a later date, to lose a few more kg, but a practice run at maintenance, is always a good thing. You could join the maintainers club, for some accountability and support too :)

Would you like a maintainer badge, or an "I did it" badge? :)


I think a maintaining badge would be good thanks. Trying maintaining to see how i get on sounds like a good idea and by still keeping a check on what I am eating my exercise and weight will make sure I stay on the right track. Thanks for your help

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Good choice and many congratulations :)


If you are happy with what you are doing carry on. Maybe think about learning how to maintain as you have clearly worked out how to lose. Have to say you have a dilemma I would love To Have!


How do you think you look and what do your friends and family think of the new you? I am aiming to acheive BMI 22.5 since that is slap bang in the middle of the healthy BMI range which is 20-25 (NHS 12 week plan says its 18.5-25 but 18 is underweight) I had gone to 22 before whilst training for the FullMoon 25m walk andI thought I was starting to look scawny and colleagues at work were getting concerned! If you go down to 62kg it would take you down to a BMI of 21.5. if you are happy with your look and you can't see your ribs then I would move onto maintaining your current weight. If you aren't happy then continue loosing weight but maybe review after every 1kg weight loss. It is easy to pick a random weight target but if it has been a while since you been that weight it is difficult to forsee how you will look once you reach it.

Good luck in whatever you decide


I am the worst person to advise as I seem to either lose or gain - but some people find they can watch their calories all week and eat normally at the weekend. Others allow just a few extra treats, but go back on the straight and narrow as soon as their weight hits a certain point. Its a bit of an individual thing - you have to find what works for you.


Hi. I have almost the same stats as you, although at the minute I am about 5lbs over what I like to be. I find that I have a comfortable weight and I weigh myself regularly. At the minute I am too heavy and I know I have been a bit complacent, so will get back on track now. I think regular weighing is the key, as you keep an eye on the scales and don't get too heavy. If you don't weigh yourself, clothes can still fit even if you are half a stone heavier. That half a stone then creeps up to 10lbs and so on. Also finding an eating routine which works for you. For example, being strict on weekdays and a little easier at the weekend may work.


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