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Survived Easter with only 1 bar of chocolate🙌🙌

Hello all,

As the title says jiiiihuuu only 1 bar of chocolate eaten all easter 🙌🙌 have to confess that I am not a chocolate fan and do not eat a lot of it anyway as I have a nut allergy and most chocolate contains nuts. I have found one teeny weeny bar that doesn't contain nuts so that is my treat every now and again.

Easter was spent cleaning up the garden, burning branches, twigs and rubbish and hanging out with the family.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter, only 6 weeks until midsummer here. This morning it was -3.3 °C so sure am hoping this cold weather goes away soon and I can go out without 3 layers of clothes on 😂😂


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Well done Jan, it sounds as if Easter was no problem at all for you and with all that gardening, that one bar of chocolate won't have made the slightest bit of difference to you :)

Roll on some warmer weather for all of us! :)


Amen to that, summer is so short here that we like to enjoy every single moment of it. After midsummer the nights get darker and we head towards the Autumn.

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Snap!! :)


I cannot say the same I am afraid though I blame a patient who give me a chocolate egg as a thank you! I then planned to eat it over 3 days and include the calories in my allowance- instead I ate it all on Sunday. So the 1lb I had lost was put back on in one day! Oh well get back on the wagon and re-focus...


RG07 it was a good plan but it didn't play out as you wanted to. Look on the bright side it was just 1 egg and it is a whole year until next Easter 😀


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