Greetings from India

Hello everyone. I have missed reading and writing on this forum since I came to India 10 days ago. I was steadily losing 2lb per week and wondering if I would put it all back on again.......don't think I have done too much damage so far as the yoga and meditation course that I am on only serves up good wholesome healthy food so I can't snack as there is nowhere in the foothills of the Himalayas to buy snacks from. I thought I would fail when it came to resisting the deserts, but the yoga teacher has insisted that they are taken off the menu so that's that problem solved ! It will be interesting to see wether I have lost or gained when I weigh in n Friday.....


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4 Replies

  • Sounds like a perfect retreat 😊 And such a beautiful place.

    Have a lovely time

  • Wow Kath, sounds fantastic. How wonderful to take a break from the madness of modern life. I am sure that regardless of the weight outcome you will come back rejuvenated both spiritually and physically and that can only be a good thing. Is the yoga difficult to do? Namaste. EJ

  • Hello. The yoga is like anything else...if you have a good teacher, and take it one step at a time it is do able. I am completely hooked on it. It sets off as a few stretches then becomes a way of life.

  • Wow sounds beautiful. We holidayed in India in January and I've got to say it significantly changed my eating habits. The veggie food was so amazing my portion sizes where much smaller and alcohol was at a minimum. I've kept most of it up when I got back. Have a wonderful time it sounds perfect.

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