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I'm back!

Ok, I'm back! I have been a member since last April, and I lost 4 and a half stones. BUT I have stopped eating carefully and I know I have put back at least half a stone (probably more, in fact). I kind of gave up before Christmas and although I wasn't too crazy with the food I haven't been that careful.

I haven't been out as far with the dear old dog as I have had a lot of physical problems with weakness in my leg which is still being investigated and I still have a lot of problems with arthritis.

I also stopped looking on this forum except for a cursory glance every so often.

Tomorrow I am going to weigh myself before I go to work, and I am going back onto my healthy eating. I want to feel good again......


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Hello and welcome back Jweanie 😊

There have been a few changes since you were here but we are still the same friendly bunch 😊

Well done on tackling the weight gain before it becomes an issue 😊 You are well experienced at this game now so I don't doubt you will soon be back on trend 😊

Best wishes



Thanks Anna, I'm just going upstairs to weigh myself now! I'm definitely back! x

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Welcome back Jweanie :)


Oh my goodness I'm so glad you're back; we joined the forum at pretty much the same time I think. How fantastic to stop that sliding down the slippery slope so early and I'm willing you on as we speak. I hope you're feeling very good already and very proud of yourself for losing 4 1/2 stone and keeping 4 stone off for a whole year, but I bet all you can see is the measly half a stone that's crept on again. I'm trying to stabilise my weight now and need a bit of inspiration. Good luck; I think we're both in this for the long haul x


Hi! Thanks for your reply. I have just weighed myself and found that I've put on 6 kg!! That's really awful and just shows my mentality and how quickly I went back to ot eating healthily. I am determined to get rid of that and more. Well done for what you've done - it must be good if you're stabilising 😊☀️


You sound very determined and I suspect that 6 kg will come off again quite quickly. I think it would be very easy to let go and start heading back to old habits and I find it very tempting, particularly with all of the Easter eggs about. It's funny that only yesterday I had a moment when I felt I was really missing out by choosing not to over eat any more and I could see the years of healthy choices spreading out in front of me for years and years ahead. It was very strange and not a nice feeling at all. Then I started thinking of the heartburn I used to have all the time, and how I couldn't walk very far and how I couldn't get clothes to fit and suddenly my old lifestyle didn't seem quite so appealing but I know I'll have to stay on my guard x


Fabulous spirit, get back to it now and it staves off what could be a bad end result. I hope the news is not too bad tomorrow.


You are not alone in your struggles! I too have slipped a little since Christmas - it is hard to stay focussed, and so easy to fall back into old habits. I am having to work hard on portion control and resist desserts and cakes; always been my downfall.

I keep telling myself; your knees and hips will thank you for reducing the load they have to carry, not to mention your heart! There is nothing more important than our health after all. Now Easter is behind us, we can concentrate on a sensible eating plan.


Well said Dartmoor Dumpling x


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