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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Dinner tonight was a salmon red Thai infused fillet of salmon (Aldi) - really easy to cook as it steams in the packaging, so not even any washing up! 176 calories.

Spring greens picked out of the garden, steamed with a generous knob of butter (22 cals for the greens, 37 for the butter!)

Cauliflower cheese made "my own way) - steamed the cauliflower in the microwave, added full fat soft cheese (Tesco's equivalent of Philadelphia cheese) and creme fraiche, topped with cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and mozzarella... and finally some breadcrumbs. As it was an accompaniment I had just quarter of the recipe which worked out at 195 calories.

Finally some roasted butternut squash - I used spray olive oil and roasted it in the oven for about 35 minutes.

Whole meal was 475, but was very decadent and tasted as if it should have been many more!

No Easter eggs here :-( but hubbie and I decided that we didn't need them.....

Off for a three hour spa visit this evening - my daughter's Mothering Sunday gift to me. She's coming too!

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Lovely and it is making me hungry just looking 🐣

Happy Easter Pineapple 🐣

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Hi Pineapple27,

Your meal looks delicious! :-) Hope you have a wonderful time enjoying your Spa Visit this evening - what a lovely gift from your daughter for Mothering Sunday. Some quality time for you both to enjoy. Lovely. :-)

Wishing you a Happy Easter. :-)

Zest :-)


What a lovely meal Pineapple27 😊 I like the sound of that cauliflower cheese too . . . Never thought of using LF cream cheese . . . I like it with mushrooms though so I'd probably like it with cauliflower 😊

Enjoy your evening, what a lovely gift . . . I got thorntons and theyre not opened yet . . . Not that virtuous as I only got them today!! Lol (my son has had other things on his mind!!)


Dinner looks fab Pineapple27, enjoy the spa.


That sounds and looks DELICIOUS!! Why have I not noticed these at Aldi?? That's where I do my shopping. I shall be hunting this salmon down on my next shop. Best go find my fishing rod!! :D


That looks great, as good as a restaurant meal and a lot less calories, i like fish , especially Salmon. I need to get down to Aldi again soon! hope you had fun at the spa probably sweated out half the calories so a good day :).

Oh and Easter eggs was so busy with Family wedding we forgot the easter eggs and didnt miss them, only got a couple for my my younger nephews/nieces.


That looks really tasty. I'm going to try and find some too. Hope your spa went ok 👍☺️


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