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Low Carb on a budget

So after my 3 month trip back home I gained 10lbs, it doesn't sound like much but it definitely shows. Shifting from size 8 jeans to size 10, i am determined to get back into my old jeans and maybe even get those size 6 pants I've always wanted.

I am on day 2 of the Atkins induction phase which allows 0-20g of carbs and I'm on a very low budget and I am allergic to dairy, eggs and fructose. I live in Oxford and I am looking for ideas on how I can afford living off Chicken and Meat! Can anyone suggest where I can do my shopping or a list of low carb high fat affordable foods? Thanks

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Hello and welcome back mseuphemia 😊

Can I ask why you are choosing the Atkins diet? Apart from having reservations about any diet, especially one that restricts an essential food group, it would be very difficult with your dietary restrictions. And it's expensive as you know.

The most cost effective way of eating healthily is to reduce meat and fish and eat more vegetables and pulses. Vegetarian or vegan eating may suit you.

I hope some one else can offer more suggestions

Best wishes



Hi Anna,

I chose atkins because I had problems with my blood sugar. Eating foods high in carbohydrates make me feel terrible and spike my blood sugar levels. My doctor recommended to me a low carb high fat diet which has been great, i stopped following it when I was on holiday and gained a bit. I mostly follow paleo which is easier for me, the atkins is just to kickstart my weight loss. I hope this makes sense.

I also forgot to mention I react horribly to peanuts and avocados as well. Terrible. I know

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There is a big difference between low carbohydrate and almost zero carbohydrate. I would certainly try to include about 100g of brown rice, oats and pulses daily, as well as some fruit.

I'm going to tag Concerned who is very knowledgable about this area who will, I'm sure, be very helpful

Best wishes

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I agree. Zero carb is really intense but like I said, i only intend on doing it for a week or two just to get rid of the extra pounds then i will add more vegetables. Rice gives me terrible headaches but I can have a sweet potato now and then. Thanks for the advice :)


Please check out both the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation and Diabetes India groups. They are both on HU.


dietdoctor.com/ Hi there. I low carb (Blood Sugar Diet) because I have found that suits me far better - although I miss bread, pasta, rice..... it doesn't do me any favours on the weight loss front.

The link above is a great site for giving you some inspiration. I particularly liked all the "cabbage" recipes (Italian, Indian, etc) dietdoctor.com/?s=cabbage+r...

I should imagine they'd work out quite cheap to make.

You should also try chickpeas and beans (not baked beans!) - cannellini, borlotti, butter beans, kidney beans. These are great for bulking out meat dishes. Buy some chicken thighs with skin on - very cheap and much cheaper than chicken breast and in my opinion much more tasty and flavoursome.


I eat far more meat than I ever have done (following the Blood Sugar diet) but it doesn't have to be an expensive way to eat.

What about fish, as tinned mackerel and sardines would also be really suitable things to eat.

You may want to look at the Blood Sugar Diet page, as it sort of follows Atkins, but you don't need to be so specific with carb levels and need to increase the amount of "good fats" (Greek yogurt, nuts, avocado, oily fish). None of this in huge amounts, but increasing the fat means that you will feel fuller for longer and not need to snack.


Come back with any questions you might have. I'm just entering my third round of the Blood Sugar Diet - following it rigidly (sticking to 800 cals a day) you can expect to lose about 10% of your total body weight in the eight weeks. I lost 16lbs in my first round in just 7 weeks, which considering I have been on a weight loss journey for 5 years now and had just 28lbs/2 stone to lose was pretty good going!

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This is another useful site if you're low carb.



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