well 8:30pm and I feel like a stuffed pig!!

Well went to my sister home and was given a Easter bag with a chocolate bunny and lots of candy. I ate the whole thing so I would not have any tomorrow. Make a fresh start. And she only had 2 desserts carrot cake and lemon pie this year. A large meal of course to go with it. My weigh in is tomorrow and I am afraid to step on. I am praying to stay the same. I am really trying to put this day behind me and not badger myself too much. I am scared the candy I ate will put me in bed for a couple of days instead getting back on the band wagon of exercising and eating right and trying not to bad mouth myself. I am really trying to feel good. I can do this right?? Good night.


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  • Hello Wadestreet, wishing you the best for your weigh in.

    This post and your previous ones appear to suggest that you may be quite conflicted between doing the 'right thing' of eating healthily and by the temptations surrounding you.

    Of course today is a new day and like you suggest, put it all behind you and start afresh. Forget everything that you've been through and call today Day 1 of the rest of your new healthy life.

    As part of that you may want to think about ways of planning to avoid/reduce/deal with the temptations that face us all. How about writing down as many 'hurdles' as you can think of (parties, visits to friends and family, visits by friends and family, boredom etc...) then for each one, write down as many coping mechanisms as you can think of. As an example, if you know a visit to your sister may lead to her giving you sweets, that aren't part of your healthy plan, then maybe talk to her first and ensure that she understands that you'd prefer her not to do that and to respect your choices?

    Possibly you've read the NHS 12 week plan more than once, if not may take another gander at it, as it's full of good ideas about dealing with the various issues that face us day to day.

    Wishing you all the best!

  • That is a great idea. And I need a healthy lifestyle as a healthy eating. I had a good breakfast and lunch. After lunch went for a walk in the beautiful weather and came home and meditated for 20 minutes and now I am feeling much better. Starting tomorrow I am going to find activities to do and get my mind of food in the afternoons. And I totally agree I need to look at the hurdles and come up with a game plan that help me through them. You are right I am either I am on the post doing well or off the post and sinking in despair of overeating. With your suggestions and building in that a healthy lifestyle I can do this!!

  • I forgot I lost 2.2 pounds.

  • I'm glad you're feeling on top of things now.

    If you lost 2.2lbs during all that then that's awesome. Looks like you've got a pretty good handle on things.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Tiggerr. I am still taking your advice pretty seriously. I hope I am on the right side of the fence. On my reality journey I will have hurtles to face and conquer and tomorrow morning I am going to write them down and seriously look at the answers. This is the first week I lost weight but I have a lifetime of weeks ahead. And I need to learn how to react each situation such as many Easters and even Christmas's ahead of me.

  • Tomorrow is a new day and there's no chocolate in the house - two positives! And yes, you can do it!

  • Draw a line under yesterday, we have all done it, now to concentrate on a new and better day, don't be afraid of the scales that's how at 5ft 2in I ended up weighing nearly 17 stone, be honest with yourself and the scales, you can do this, and personally I'd have a chat with your sister, mine didn't even realize she was sabotaging all my efforts, YOU CAN DO IT 🏆💪 xx

  • Hi Wadestreet sounds like your back on the wagon by writing it up and writing it off.. If you have some time today maybe try working some off ahead of tomorrow's weigh in? 👟👟

    You will reach your goal one day and one challenge at a time..

    Please consider having a chat with your family and friends so they can help support and help you to reach your goals.. Allow them to be proud of your choices and allow them to help and encourage you.. Instead of making you go on the emotional rollercoaster rides x

    Keep going forwards... You will win your race and benefit for yourself.. 🎉🎉🎉 Cheering you onwards.

  • Great advice from Tiggerr . Easter and Christmas are the obvious hurdles but there are so many others that just creep up on us.

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