All in the bin

Family has just left and washing up all done. Have few bits of food left, including some cheesey sticks, cream (my favourite high fat food) a slice of raspberry roulade and a slice of apple tart. I read somewhere a while ago that i can either waste the food by eating it even though i don't need it or i can throw it in the bin. Feels so wrong to throw food away but if it's there Is will eat it. Am going to do it though so i can wake up tomorrow with a fridge that is filled with weight loss in mind. Does anybody else throw food away? Or have any other ideas what to do with it? Fresh


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7 Replies

  • Sometimes I buy chocolate bars and want to throw them straightaway lol. I think throwing the food away is a good idea. The food has served it's purpose - it was there for when your guests were there. They're gone now so chuck the food!

  • Hi Fresh2708

    That is brilliant will power not to be tempted with the food left over form your family day. I always send my family home with doggy bags as I know I will eat it if it's in the house!

    Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend.


  • Thanks Rose and to you too. Doggy bags good idea for another time but you know when there's a couple of handfuls of crisps left in the bowl and a piece of squidgy dessert that won't travel well...So easy to find its way into my mouth. All but the piece of apple tart is in the bin... while I am feeling strong ;-)

  • Better in the bin than on your chin. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!!

  • Love that!

  • Chop into portions and freeze. Then I slowly take things out to go into packed lunches or add to my boyfriend's dinner so he's not limited by the healthy options I make all the time :)

  • I would send them home with it or give it to my husband instead and make home have it either asap or with his lunch at work. Another thing you could always do if any of it is not opened is give it to charity places like food bank or any homeless charities that could be in your area.

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