Oh dear, shorts were a mistake!

Having gone down a size in jeans, and now fitting in a size 18 top too (!) I tried some shorts on in Next. What a flipping mistake that was. What tree stumpy legs I have. Felt very deflated. We then went into Sports Direct to get daughter some trainers, and I saw those sporty types leggings. Decided to buy some, I think they look bl**dy awful, but the others say they don't look too bad (diplomacy at its best?). So I've decided to wear them in the house and try and do some fitness videos as I really don't want to be a flubbery mess on holiday. Considering joining the gym, but will be in normal trackies if I do that. I know I'm making progress as I used to be a size 24, but just when I think I'm getting there, I hit a wall. I will get there though.


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40 Replies

  • Remember sizes vary so much and when you were a 24, like me, you probsbly went for the baggy option. Now we can fit in size 18s it doesn't mean all of them will suit us.

  • I think I'm definitely more of a cropped trouser shape, the sight of my legs was awful!! Maybe fake tan would help?! I'm so pale skinned that I don't tan, doesn't help my case...just feeling slightly sorry for myself.

  • Look back at photos of when you were big. Did you keep a size 24? Try them on! Look at your measurements to see your progress. You have done brilliantly. How long did it take?

  • Hi, no I didn't keep any 24s because I was glad to see the back of them, and thought if I kept them, it would mean I had bigger clothes to fall back on if I gave in. It's not a feeling I want to remember. I guess I'm making progress, I can see my feet now! It's taken a few years really, and I'm about 3 stone less than my heaviest. I have moved 5 notches on my belt, and have had to make a new hole as I was on the tightest. So I suppose I am doing better than I think, I just hadn't realised. Thank you for making me realise how far I have actually come. Who needs shorts anyway?

  • Wear shorts and be proud. I bought size 18 ones from next - linen to replace the size 24 from Evans I wore in October - it was a great feeling. ( I tried tailored ones size 18 - no way did they fit, I would be lucky to be in them by the summer)

  • I'll try! Those are the shorts I tried. I'll try them again when I've lost some more weight. With some fake tan!!

  • Tailored ones seemed more like a 16 (not that I have tried a size 16 since I was 16.)

  • You will get there slowly and steadily.

    Don't worry about it & no need to get down and beat yourself up over this.

    Good luck Sarah with your journey.

    Happy Easter Weekend. George 56 🐣

  • Thanks George. I've decided to let myself have the weekend off, and start again with a vengeance on Monday. Am clearly being too self critical, the other clothes look ok, and I was seriously chuffed when the 16 top fitted! I should remember that feeling! Have a good easter too, Sarah

  • I'm not sure that shorts are the most flattering clothing on anyone regardless of size. I didn't look right in them even when I was a size 10/12 (many, many years ago). How short were they? I find that just above the knee looks better than the shorter ones although they're hard to find.

  • Hi Poppy, there were about half way down my thighs, I quite like the longer denim ones, I may try them when Ive lost a bit more. I just wish I didn't care what I look like, need to loosen up and relax I think.

  • Me too but easier said than done.

    I have chunky knees but find that a turn-up helps to take attention away from them.

  • Lol Poppy71 😂 I was just going to say that!!

    I have bought some for the summer in the garden, first time in about 20 years that I will have worn shorts. 😂

    For public viewing I like cropped leggings under a loose fitting top/short dress.

    i have a very honest daughter who advises me, trust your family 😊 Size 18 is a long way from your previous size 24, very well done

  • I usually go for cropped, light cotton trousers. I bought two pairs of shorts a couple of years ago but they haven't made it out the wardrobe yet, I will make the effort to get in to them this summer.

  • Great motivator 😊

  • Wow 24 to 18 that's really fantastic don't worry about the shorts yet

    I'm sure the sporty leggings look great and I'm sure you will be wearing them outside the house very soon

    Don't feel deflated you are a star and yes you will get there ❤️

  • Thanks Cat33! Your turn to cheer me up! X

  • Well Sarah just be thankful you don't have a friend like mine 🤗

    I find the Dove creams that gradually tan the skin really nice not too harsh more a nice natural glow

    Just be so proud of what you have achieved and look forward to a lovely summer xx

  • Thank you, and I'll get some soon! X

  • Maybe we can set up a chunky knee group, I couldn't even see a difference at my knees!!! You've cheered me up though!

  • Good. 💕

  • I'll join 😂😂xx

  • I'll join the chunky knee group.

    Fake tan is essential before trying on shorts. I take a size 18 too and find that just above the knee, quite fitted, look OK. I don't know if I'm allowed to mention shops but a chain with the initials EWM often have a suitable style.

  • I hate myself in shorts. 14/16 is the biggest I've been and I am now 8/10 and still won't wear them. I guess it has nothing to do with size, just how we feel ourselves. Nice cotton crops are what I wear in summer. Wear what you feel comfortable in.

  • Couldn't agree more! ☺️

  • How well you have done, do not worry about the shorts, I am sure you look fine. I think we get things in our heads. I bet you look great, well done on your weight loss, that's wonderful, it is not always easy.

  • Thank you! I'm sure a psychologist would have a field day with the inside of my head!

  • Totally get you, I bought a lovely dress in the white stuff sale, it stops just above the knee which (I have since discovered) is a terrible length for me!!! However, I don't think whatever weight I lose it will be any better, and I'll still dislike the knees so I bought one a shade longer and bingo, I'm happily wearing a pretty dress. You've done absolutely amazing so far and I think it's just about buying the *right* thing for your shape. Don't lose heart, I bet the old clothes wouldn't even stay up on you now!! X

  • Hi, yes, I think you're right, I need to find what suits me. I don't own a single dress or skirt! That would be a massive thing for me. Am sure they would fall down , hadn't thought of that!

  • You sound very determined and you see things with other people eyes so you are not going to look stupid in public, maybe that should be one of your goals to be able to look good in a pair of shorts

  • That's horrible when that happens and I am sure we have all been there....I think fitting rooms are awful, they are cramped, dark and they often don't smell too good either! I think shorts are one of the most unflattering items of clothing going, unless maybe somebody has a gorgeous set of pins and let's be honest....how many people do. Much better to find something that is flattering on our own bodies and that we feel good in. I have taken to having very few clothes that i think flatter my shape rather than lots that don't look right and oddly the slim leg trousers do seem to flatter. I also buy tops that are elasticated or cuffed and in silky/floaty fabrics so they float over my tummy rather than just stopping dead and making it stick out. Good idea to wear them around the house. I hope you find your style and rock it!

  • I think you're right. I live in t-shirts and jeans but bought a normal shirt yesterday and I think it looks OK, maybe I can branch out. Yeah I hate changing rooms. At least they're not communal any more, I remember the horror of going into a big room...makes me shudder just to thinking about them!

  • Oh yes had forgotten about those! Shirts are good, can tuck them in, put a belt around them, tie them at the front.....lots of options. Happy Easter

  • Don't be disheartened. Next sizes are a law unto themselves. I buy their jeans in size 16 & they tend to fall down but have difficulty fastening size 18 work trousers! I shop for what fits & not what the label says - that took some doing but look better in what I wear as a result.

    Shop around, the right shorts are out there somewhere! 😁

  • You lost 3 dress sizes now, that's amazing! For your legs, draw yourself up onto tiptoes when you are standing and hold for 10 seconds, repeat a few times. It is an easy exercise you can do whilst waiting for bus, taxi, tube, train or cooking, and it shapes the muscles in your calves.

  • Ooh thank you! I spend a lot of time standing next to my embroidery machine at work. I can do this then!!

  • Oh Sarah, it will ever be thus! I've been down to a size 12 and still despaired of finding clothes that "looked right" on me. You can look at the pictures and think "love that, gotta get me one of those!" - only to find they look like c*** on you (I know, been there so often!) Clothes are all about finding your own style, I think. Shorts may never be your thing but pretty dresses or skirts could be perfect for summer and the start of getting you out of any style rut you might be in. Go on - challenge yourself! You've come so far, you really deserve to feel that you look nice, and it's only a case of finding the outfit that sings to you...

  • Thank you Ann, I'd love to wear a dress, I look past them in shops right now but maybe that could be my aim. I might even end up enjoying shopping, at the moment I buy what fits. I have no style, maybe it'll start to form as I lose more weight. That would be amazing!

  • In my opinion, shorts are a very unforgiving garment and not flattering on most people, including me.

    I last wore a pair in 1995.

    Even now that I am mostly a size 12, the sight of my bare legs is not a good thing. My legs are slimmer than before, but I have horrid saggy knees ( need a knee and thigh tuck?) So, in summer I wear cropped trousers, or maybe a casual knee length dress with cropped leggings . I just bought a smart fitted dress for a July wedding but I'll be wearing 40 denier navy tights with it, whatever the weather !!

  • I know I have lost weight in my legs but it only mainly notices looking on the sides to me. If I am sitting down and lift my leg from the seat and look at it though I can really tell the difference on the front it has made though because it never used to go anywhere near this thin. When I visited family this week they told me how much weight I had lost and they didn't even know about my weightloss so this really boosted me and I was wearing leggings. I believe you would have similar things happen to you if you was to visit people that you hadn't mentioned your weightloss to, because you have gone down many sizes and that is great. It's people that know you that will see the losses and be proud of you for it and no-one else would matter anyway would they.

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