Having to rethink my eating plan again

Having to rethink my eating plan again

When I went into hospital last year I turned up there with multiple organ failure.

A year on I have chronic heart failure and dodgy kidneys. I am guessing the high protein diet I was on for weight loss in early 2016 didn't exactly help.

So I am now starting out on cutting out the high quality proteins (meat, fish, eggs and dairy products) and getting my protein from vegetables including salad vegetables,

I raid the fruit bowl when I have a snack attack so I am still eating lots of healthy stuff.

My special treat is a small slice of very gooey chocolate cake once a fortnight :)

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  • Wow Nancy you really have some tough issues! My dad has heart failure too but he's 87 and a pacemaker keeps him going. Making healthy choices with the fruit and veg will be great for you. I wish you all the best, and take care x

  • Hi there...thanks for your helpful reply. I am experimenting with easy prep and cook meals. My current favourite is sliced sliced potato (with skin left on) with sliced mushrooms and tomatoes as a base, baked in the oven with olive oil and Italian herbs, Today I added onions and garlic......yum

    Just shopped on-line and added fresh peppers and courgettes to my basket :)

    *waves to your dad :)

  • That sounds good .

  • Oh my goodness what an incredibly brave lady you are

    Wishing you all the very best in your healthy eating and enjoy your treat I think you deserve it

    All the very very best Love the flowers xx

  • Wow! GosportNancy we are very lucky to have you with us. Sounds like fruit and veg will be a good option for you. I have to say I didn't realise that a high protein diet could be so dangerous.

    Folk on here are incredibly friendly and very supportive. If you look at the pinned posts you will get lots of recipe ideas too.

    Good luck with your weight loss journey.

  • I feel incredibly lucky to still be here too. My lovely Billy has been my rock despite having health issues as serious as mine he still takes great care of me and every day together is precious :)

  • No, too much protein is definitely not good for us. That said, whatever you were eating for the years before your diet probably contributed to your condition too.

    Fructose, the sugar from fruit, contributes to fatty liver, harmful blood lipids, and visceral fat. Foods that spike insulin, such as sugar, flour, cereals (even high fibre ones), rice, or potato will cause chronic hormone problems and narrowed arteries.

  • Enjoy your fruit and veg odyssey :) I like looking at asian and midfle eastern cooking for new veg combination ideas, also lettuce wraps naturally give a meal a high salad content, and grated courgette is a great base for a pesto, with a few ground walnuts, crushed garlic etc. Are nuts okay for you? Just a few nuts can add protein and make things feel more satisfying :) Take care and good luck :)

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