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Just one day..........hope at the end

I know it will be a bit of an excessive day food wise for myself , and lots of others, for those still very much on their weight loss journey, it's one day!

I've gained a small amount lately ( yes I know my triggers) , so back on track, the journey is so worth it, for all those struggling, sometimes it dies feel like a constant battle, and bodies can be so very unexpected too , by that I mean sometimes when you think you've lost , and other times inexoected gains.

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I meant to say Easter

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Hi Diane,

I see that you joined this forum in 2011 and are a maintainer. How long have you maintained for and what keeps you on the straight and narrow?

Keep up the good work and the feel and look of being slim!

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Hello again Hidden 😊

If you have a look under topics you will see lots of success stories under 'road to success' 😊 There are also maintainer stories, as well a s pictures.

Topics are shown at the side of the screen, or right at the bottom if you are on a mobile.


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Happy Easter Diana :) the weekend doesn't have to just be about food of course. There were a few extra runners at parkrun this morning and it's good walking weather too (if you can stay out of the wind) :)

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Good luck Diana, I hope you are doing well today, and enjoy your day.

I'm going slow today and will get back on track.

I'm wanting to get below 30 at. Soon, just for the motivation.

Good luck to you for your journey.

Happy Easter. George 56 🐣


Hi Diana,

Happy Easter!!! :-) Hope it's going well for you, and that you've had a good day. Enjoy the weekend.

Zest :-)

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Well a bit of a gain lately, tho a tummy bug ( or is it just my hormones?!) are giving me very nasty bloating, never been quite like it before.

Eating less so having some effect.

Easter was ok, too much sweet temptation tho 🙂


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