Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter

After pontificating ad nauseum over the plethora of different products available for fitness tracking I have finally chosen my pedometer! Well, it does a bit more than just counting steps; distance, time and calorie burn too. Some of the more expensive trackers did more than I needed so I disregarded them, the very cheap pedometers nearly all had rubbish reviews, (well, you get what you pay for I think!) so the Omron, at about Β£24 seemed to do just what I want it to, and has lots of good reviews.

Looking forward now to keeping it about my person all day and trying to get to 10k steps per day!


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  • wishing you all the very best.

  • Morning battlethebulge

    You will find it a great personal motivator, I know I do with my fitbit. I think they are great for tracking calories and steps and I find I push myself that bit more just to hit the 10,000 steps and lately I have hit over 15,000 steps which I never thought I would do.

    It will be the best Β£24 you will spend, enjoy your new motivator.

  • 'Morning Rose, thanks for that! I am amazed by how many steps I take just doing day-to-day stuff at home, so I'm hoping when I go out for my walks it shouldn't be too much of an effort to reach 10k. Well done you for reaching 15! Wonder how long it will take for me to catch you up! I am one happy (Easter) bunny today and can't wait to get out for one of my hikes.

    Trouble is I'm spending WAY too long on this forum - it's 09.15 and I'm still sitting here in my 'jamas!

  • Glad i'm not the only one still in my PJ's! lol. You will soon catch me up with the steps once you get going. I know just cutting my lawn uses up a lot of steps with walking up and down!

    Think it's about time I get dressed to take Bella out for her walk before she tells me off!! lol

    Enjoy your Easter.


  • Yeah, Echo keeps coming and looking at me as if to say 'Are you ever going to get dressed and take me for a walk this morning?' Dogs - they're such great motivators aren't they! Have a happy Easter weekend yourself, Rose!

  • I have the same, love the jumping stick figure when you get to 10,000 steps.

  • Hi Teasel90, Oh shucks, I missed that! I had a good walk this morning and have had a busy afternoon. Checked my Omron just now and I've already clocked up 10,256 steps today. I have yet to take my dog out for her afternoon walk so I'm hoping I might reach 15K! My little man is waving his arms up and down, but he isn't jumping about.

    Great bit of kit, this Omron.

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