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Hello to all. I'm here because I have spent too long thinking about losing weight and would like to actually do it.

I'm 60, 167cms height and weigh approx 90 Kgs

In my job I travel a lot which means I don't eat at regular times and often skip meals then snack on quick fixes. I am conscious of what I am doing wrong but don't seem to be able to get the willpower together to do it right.

I'm hoping that joining in this forum will help me to make the effort as I hate seeing myself in the mirror and really need to feel better about my size.

I'm not depressed or anxious or anything - just know I have become overweight and need some encouragement to lose it again.

Thanks in advance


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Hello Maremeva and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum 😊 The key to successful healthy eating and an irregular work schedule is planning. Have a look at the links suggested, and try to work out a few days meal in advance. A lot of our member work shifts or travel for work and I'm sure someone will have some ideas for you 😊

Please note if you are using the new HU App many of these features are not available so I suggest you use the full website version.

The first place to look is at the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile), read the Welcome Newbie thread first and move through to the challenges, where we hope you'll find at least one that will appeal to you ☺

Move down to the Topics, to find a variety of threads, collated into specific topics for ease of access and we ask that you also 'file' your own threads, so that others won't miss your important news ☺

Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as many people have had success with it. Also use the BMI checker to find your target calories, it's important to eat enough. This was a major turning point for me, realising I could eat anything I wanted as long as the calories are accounted for ☺

Don't forget to take your starting measurements and a 'before' picture, as they can be very motivating on days that the scales refuse to co-operate ☺

The forum also have group weigh-ins every day if you wish to take part. The posts can always be found in the Events section on the 'home' page ☺

You'll notice a grey box next to people's names, these are achievement badges, and as a new member you may have a 'Newbie' badge. If you have any questions or would like a Newbie badge please just ask ☺

We've found that to get the best out of this community, we need to be active on the forum, as it's where we exchange information, get motivation and inspiration and make friends. We hope that you'll join us here, regularly, too ☺

Best wishes



Thank You. I'll work my way around and hopefully my motivation will increase and this will get me going 👍

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