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Finally got back in the pool

Hope everyone's feeling happy! Just an update on this week's target of get exercising!

During my last swim challenge my partner became seriously ill, it took an awful lot but whilst he was in hospital I managed to complete my challenge.

Since then I have barely swum since, today I got back on the pool. It was glorious. My joints were great just a little niggle in one shoulder and one ankle. I was a little self conscious due to the extra weight I'm currently carrying but once I got in all that was forgotten.

Before my partner got fell ill I was swimming between 40-70 Lengths of our local 23 m pool. Today I swam just 20-but it's a start right? It felt positive anyway.

I do really well when I have targets, just not so well when I set them myself. I think this is because I know that if I have set the target then the only person i'm letting down is myself. If somebody else sets the target that means I have made a promise to that person.

So my question to you is could you give me a swim target? Something like 'complete X number of lengths next week/month'

This should aid in shedding those lbs!! :D

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Hi, well done for getting back in the pool. I don't think you need to worry too much about the number of lengths. For weight loss the life guard told me to go faster for less time is better so I would set you the target to do 20 in less time. I go really fast for half a length then slow to the end then fast for half and repeat. It gets my heart rate up better. Me and the lifeguard laugh at women swimming up slowly while chatting to the friend and think that is exercise - it's better than sitting on the sofa but not much. Good luck!! 🏊🏼


Haha I know my friend and I keep joking about writing a book about all the pet peeves in the pool-there's a lot. People that overtake agresively or manage to swim directly in the middle of the lane etc. etc.

Thanks for the tips :) one of my favourite things to do is pace myself against others. Basically I go in one lane and try to 'beat' the person in the other, gives me a good sense of accomplishment.

I like to set a number of lengths because when I am not entirely focused I can get in the pool do a few lengths and then make the excuse that I can make it up next time I go awimming, as you can imagine this is not a great way to go about it. Always feel mega guilty afterwards!

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I set a number of lengths too -35 but try to do it less time. Probsbly need to up my lengths as well now.

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Hi nicnacaustin How about joining the April exercise challenge? Aim is 150 minutes a week and we record Wednesday to Tuesday and post results each week. It can be any exercise but you could just use it for swimming. The link is pinned in the pinned section so have a look and see what you think. I'm planning on swimming again after Easter although I am super slow so I am in awesome of your laps! Good luck.

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Thanks I will certainly look into that. I'm sure you'll surprise yourself with your swimming (I thought I was a snail at first but then I was complimented by someone for my speed and technique, real confidence booster!)

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I started in the pool last May, 3 weeks after a double mastectomy! Like you I started on 20 lengths and I was going 4 times per week. I decided I would in crease it by 2 lengths every fortnight but during that fortnight I would look to increase the speed like another lady said.

My brain was like mush after chemotherapy so my husband treated me to a 'poolmate' swimming watch... it's great!! It counts your lengths for you and speed so if you do for example 20 lengths in 18 mins you can work during the fortnight on making it 17mins etc... I'm hooked on it and it inspires me.

I think it was about £70... but a lot healthier than an Easter egg! I think there are cheaper versions but I wanted a British swimming association one and it hasn't disappointed.

I now swim a min of 45 lengths x 4 per week but 2 of those will be 64 lengths so I get my mile in 😊

Absolutely love swimming- I find it so therapeutic and I am so much fitter

Keep up the great work, it's worth it xx

This website will tell you how many calories you've burned whilst swimming



Wow that sounds fantastic! I have a nuband which doesn't record the lengths but can record time and distance. It's basically a cheapy one ;)

It sounds like you'very been through an awful lot, I hope it's all gone well! X

Thank you for the great tips :)


Thank you xx it has been quite a journey but swimming has been my saviour, it has

got me fit

Reduces my stress

Acted as physiotherapy on my double mastectomy (surgeon impressed with my range of movements and none of the possible problems with the surgery)

I have recently (30.3.17) had the whole scar line revised and further tissue removed and haven't been allowed to swim... but back in pool on Thursday this week and I cannot wait!!!


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Great news :) have a great swim xx


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