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Overweight And Technophobic

Hi everyone,I am in need of help,I am still overweight,I know that there is only me who can do anything about that.i have just downloaded the app and want to access the bmi calculator .it says I have to paste the code to embed the tool otherwise it comes up not found.How do I paste?any help appreciated.whilst I m here I wish everyone well with their weight loss journey,I don't log on very often but it's nice to return and read all the posts

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Hello and welcome Baildon 😊

I am not great with computers either but I will try to help you 😊 Which App are you referring to, the HU App or the new 12 week plan App? Both are limited in their features, and I suggest for accessing the forum that you continue to log in to the main website so you can access all the extra features.

If you have a read of the Welcome Newbies post this should give you a link to finding your BMI and target calories. If you are having difficulty navigating the forum have a read of this healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Good luck!


Thanks Anna,will have another look


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