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Friday again

Friday again

Hello all,

Apologies for not being around but the garden has stolen my attention for a while.

I confess I haven't run this week at all. I have been so tired after spending hours outside that I just didn't have the energy to do more. I am gonna step it up though and get my ass into gear and start from week 3 again and see how it goes. Now the weather is good I am gonna start running outside.

The best thing about being out in the garden is that fact that I don't eat much. Most of the day spent working and less time on eating 😀

I secretly weighed myself yesterday and had dropped a few grams so hoping that Mondays weigh in is a loss.

Firepit Friday is on hold for now till the garden is in better shape (hooray🙌🙌)

Well better get myself ready and wrap up warm -3 this morning. Going out to stack some wood while hubby gets a lie in.

Happy Easter everyone


Pics taken in March while out walking

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Beautiful pics Janpes.

My swimming and cycling have gone to pot at the moment and whilst I enjoy doing them, I'm not too worried because like you the time is taken up in the garden and that's burning the calories just as well (maybe better!!).

Good luck with the Monday weigh in... see you there.

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More lovely photos and another successful week on the plan Janpes 😊 Well done

Have a lovely weekend

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Morning Jan

Fabulous pics, what lovely scenery you live in ❄️

Glad your garden is taking shape and your burning those calories off😎

You sound much more upbeat it's good to hear👍

My first weekend off for ages

and my last. I've just been told that my lovely Greek lady is going into a home for respite ( which I knew) but then straight into a permanent home😭 which I didn't know😩

very sad but her son has got to go back to work.😔

I've eaten 350 Easter eggs because I'm stressed now!! 😱

Not really but it's gone a bit out of control this week so we will see what the dreaded scales say on Monday!! 😬

I might go into hibernation and not come out until June!! Lol

Anyways I wish you and your family a lovely Easter break.

Maybe be see you on Monday, maybe not 😉 xx


Sorry about a few errors in texting but I can't get back in to correct it 🤣x


I loose myself when in the garden as well and it keeps me away from the fridge😬


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