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I am finding dieting and all it entails very confusing (but not confusing at all). So I managed the first week, with a loss, gave up with the second and put it back on. Now I'm on week 3 and it's not great either. So the doctor has suggested that I monitor my diet intake and write a diary. To be honest, I don't want to go back because IBS or not, I'm not in a lot of discomfort. So in my brain I'm trying to figure out what foods may not agree with me (and I agree some aren't my friend), I've just started physio, I've got yoga and two more new exercises per week starting after the holidays. However, because I've put positive things into place I'm now trying to cheat-not monitor food, thinking that the positives will outweigh my food. Is it possible to structure meals and their contents and still lose weight? E.g breakfast should be "this" and dinner will be "this" and unhealthy snacks are allowed "then" or do I just stop playing games and face facts that calorie counting is one of the only ways to loose fat and weight?

Many thanks x

P.s sorry if I go on a bit


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  • I find with IBS that for a while I can't tolerate bread, then it will be peanuts, then I find broccoli and especially sweetcorn are killers. I can usually enjoy spicy food, but sometimes this combined with say a pudding with cream can set me off. I used to keep a diary but there never seemed to be a pattern for long. It was always worse when under a lot of stress. Have you looked at FODMAP, this might be of some help to you. Personally I don't find it helps me much but I know others that follow it. My Doctor told me it is very much down to the individual. I find that after an attack I just want to eat lots of things I shouldn't, stodgy things, which he also told me wasn't unusual, but I'm not sure that it is the norm either.

    As for weight loss, I do calorie count, I don't actually cut anything out, but have cut right back on certain things, other people don't count, just have much smaller portion sizes, or have cut out carbs, like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes and find that that is enough. Others cut out sugar. I think you have to read a lot, give yourself plenty of time to work out what will fit into your life and to be honest a lot of it is trial and error. I think the biggest thing of all is to try not to be in a rush and to except it will take time and to keep adjusting and trying different things. I do however suggest you write everything down so that you know what does and doesn't work as you will have a record.

    Don't worry about 'going on a bit' , that is what the forum is about. We are all learning different techniques from one another, it's not 'one size fits all' and lets be honest it's a bit of a minefield and there are plenty of people on here that have cracked it and fortunately are very happy to share with the rest of us. Good luck.

  • Brilliant reply lucigret 😊

  • thank you Anna:)

  • Great ideas and advice. Thank you

  • I have found that things are generally difficult to just assume with. There are so many different makes and sizes of items and nearly all have different amounts of calories in fairly wide amounts. This is why I always use my MyFitnessPal website to work out calories as its easy to use and free and you can scan barcodes to put products in quicker or write them in with all info. You can save all items to look them up next time you use them and even save in meals if you eat them regularly and after a while just choose the meal you have had rather than each item. Hope this helps and good luck. I find now using it now I have most items and meals I have takes about one to two minutes of my time in a day. Also I then now if I am eating enough or not enough and still losing weight most weeks.

  • I'll give the app a try. Thank you for your support. I hope things are going well for you x

  • I must confess to be rubbish at counting calories. I prefer to count portions similar to this

    I used this method years ago with WW and have used it, on and off for many years. I've tried a few different 'diets' in between but find this an easy way to count calories without getting too obsessed.

  • Thank you for this link Anna, this is a great guide and I will use it when I'm off to Germany to see my mum in a couple of weeks time. I was worried how I could cope but this guide has now eased my mind. Thank you!

  • Why not just try calorie counting for a week and see then how you feel ( it's so easy with 'myfitnesspal' , as suggested by HubbysMissMouse ). Tedious as it may sound, what you eat and drink does need to be planned and monitored ... guesswork is unlikely to bring success. Having said that, maybe much further down the line you could safely try a different method, but to give yourself a good start, I honestly believe the discipline of calorie counting gets results, in fact I know it does. 😊😊

  • It's true that when I counted calories I lost weight. I suppose I am just looking for maximum affect with little effort. That's really silly. Need to be realistic! Thank you for your suggestion x

  • No experience with IBS, but you can make calorie counting a lot easier if you just decide what meals you really like - so for breakfast "this" etc - and calorie count that meal once and for all. So you can plan your week in advance, if that's what you like, and know how many calories each day's meals have. Leave yourself a small allowance, say 100 to 200 kcal, for "treats", and again, pre-count calories for your fav treats. Once you've done that, it's easier to modify or add to the range. As for main meals I often "cheat" on the counting by buying a prepared meal which has the kcals on the box. Good luck, whatever works for you is worth doing!

  • After considering everything, I think you are right. I'm going to work out some meals and base my healthy eating around that. I've also downloaded myfitnesspal. Thanks for your inspiration x

  • So glad that the forum has helped you 😊

    Onwards and downward

  • I have IBS but like you, it's not necessarily uncomfortable. There were times when I ate lots of bread and pasta when I'd be in agony the next day but once I stopped those sorts of meals, I found I didn't need regular medication.

    The food diary is the start of finding out what sets it off, but it's also really useful for making you face up to just how much you're actually eating on a daily basis. It will also give you an indication of when your "dangerous" times are (first thing in the morning? When watching tv in the evening? When you get home from work?) - those times when you're more likely to break down and eat everything in sight. If you plan for those times you're more likely to succeed. I'm a big fan of the food diary - maybe try it for a given period & see if it works for you? If it's not your thing, no harm done.

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