Good news and bad news

First the bad news. At the weekend I had an attack of what I call "the munchies" and ate quite a few biscuits. I also haven't been very active recently, even by my low standards.

Now the good news. I haven't lost weight since my last weigh in, but I haven't gained any, either. Eating the biscuits gave me such bad heartburn that I won't be doing it again any time soon. You could say that the heartburn worked as aversion therapy!

Regarding exercise, I've decided to practice what I've preached. Before I knew she was agoraphobic I tried to encourage my mother-in-law to go for short walks. Even walking to the end of the road would have been better than nothing. Well, I may not be able to walk 2 miles any more but I should be able to walk round the block, even if I have to do it slowly. So I'm going for a short walk. I'll let you know how long it took.😉😃


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14 Replies

  • Great news about the weight maintain, despite the biscuit munchie attack. Good luck with controlling those urges in future.

    Good luck also with the walking.

  • Hi Tiggerr, good afternoon, how are you doing today.

    I'm going out doors soon.

    Just back from the health centre. Dressing change by the district nurses.

    Have a great Easter Weekend.


  • I'm good George. Planted a load of seeds today, fingers crossed.

    So, apart from your pampering session with the nurses, how's it going for you?

  • I'm going out doors soon so I will get back to you.

    I'm fine thanks.

  • Morning CheerfulDragon

    Considering you had an attack of the munchies you did well not to gain any weight.

    Walking is a good exercise. I take Bella out twice a day and my shorter walk round the small block works out to over 2000 steps each time. So the small walks are a good starting point.

    Have a good week.


  • I'm back from my short walk. I don't know how far it was, but it took about 8 minutes. I'm guessing that it was somewhere around 0.25 mile, so it really wasn't much time a walk and it really was slow. But I'm disabled and unfit so it's best to start slowly, literally taking small steps.

  • That's the only way to start CheerfulDragon. Well done!

    Hopefully the weather will hold out and you can make it a regular part of your day.

  • Well done on having a blow out but not putting on weight! I think we all need a naughty moment every now and again but as long as you start over the next day it's not too bad. Good luck with the walking!

  • Slow and steady is the best way to get more used to walking 😊 Remember no matter how slow, you are lapping the person sat on the couch

  • That's good sound advice and has motivated me to do more walking.

    I was uncomfortable yesterday with the dressing slipping and cutting in.

    All changed at the Health Centre today and I feel good. I'm back on the med's.

    I slept well and woke up at 9am.

    I had a walk around the grounds at the Health Centre.

    Feeling better today.

    Downloaded​the NHS healthunlocked app. I'm still to check.

    Happy Easter Weekend Anna.

  • Good afternoon Cheerfuldragon, good luck with your walk and well done for you owning up to the biscuits, bumps along the road ahead.

    Happens to us all I'm sure.

    Happy Easter Weekend . George 56

  • I enjoyed the walk so much that it motivated me to do a bit of housework. I emptied some waste bins and did some laundry. It's not much, but any activity is better than spending the whole day doing nothing.

  • Excellent decisions - keep walking and avoid the munchies and you'll soon reach your goal!

  • Good for you!


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