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Spurred on ❤️

After a rotten day yesterday and a bit of a moan this morning I just want to say thank you to everyone in this forum ❤️

It's so refreshing being able to speak freely and openly about weight troubles which relates to so many other issues. No one judges, but instead offers support and advice to not only better your health but your life too.

I've never told anyone my weight and doctors have it on a need to know basis, yet I feel that here I'm safe talking about it honestly which I think is half the battle, admitting where you're starting and where you want to go.

So thank you everyone ⭐️💖

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So glad you are feeling better and that the forum helped you 😊

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This is the most fantastic forum everyone is so supportive and all realise weight gain for some is not just a case of over eating No one ever judges

So glad you feel better for chatting on here you are amongst lovely friends

Wishing you all the best and always post if you have a bad day as you will always get encouragement to make you feel positive again

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We have all arrived here by different roads, but we share the same goal, its great isnt it. I only told people here my start weight too, it was such an important thing to be honest and I couldnt have done it anywhere else.

Hope you've had a better day today x

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