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Missed Tuesday weigh in (11/4/17)

Hi all. Couldn't do my weigh in yesterday as I've been in Manchester for a couple of days and didn't get back until late last night. Obviously I wasn't going to weigh myself at night time because it would have been a wrong reading. However, I have weighed myself this morning and I must be experiencing the woosh effect. Last week I was 9st 13 and this morning I am 9st 10 which put's me 1lb under the top end of a healthy BMI!!! EEEEEEEEEK!!!!! So chuffed. I did do a lot of walking but I wasn't really watching what I ate (even had a mcdonalds :O ) My son had to have an operation in his ear canal so we stayed at a travelodge and I even had a full english breakfast yesterday morning so I am very VERY suprised with that weight loss. :D

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Fantastic news MadmellyGT 😊 Very well done 😊

Would you like a "healthy bmi" badge? Are you trying to get lower or are you happy with your weight now?

You can stay with the Tuesday group as long as you wish. Just weigh-in next week as normal but make sure you state your loss is over two weeks 😊

Many congratulations 😊


Thank you IndigoBlue61. I'm carrying on with my weight loss because I still have a bit of a muffin top and Ideally I would like to get to 8 and a half stone which would put me smack bang in the middle of a healthy BMI! so another stone and 3lb to go. I'm going to see what I look like at 9st and if I'm happy with myself at that, I shall stop the weight loss and maintain (hopefully). Mini goals I think. My next mini goal is 9st6. Then 9st3 then 9st. We shall see. At 9st 6 I will have lost a total of 3 and a half stone in the last 4 years. At 9st3 I will have lost a total of 2 stone since January 10th '17 and those 2 stones will be because of this group and the NHS healthy eating plan. YAY!!!!!! :D

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Well done 🎉🎉

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