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A long journey towards healthy weight – 11th week review 02/04/2017-08/04/2017

Hello my friends,

Hope you had a good week of weight loss!

I’m in week 12:), wow! I’m proud of myself. It feels good just saying that. My start weight was 61.6kg, my weight on 8th of April 2017 was 57.6kg, my Bmi is between 23-24 now. I’m fully aware that 4 kg is far from a big number in 3 months, but I have been mostly consistent and persistent in my weight loss journey. I’ve had a few setbacks in terms of health issues and going on all inclusive holiday, but all in all, I’ve learnt a lot about how to live more healthy.

Easter holiday hasn’t been easy so far. I feel more pressed with time and struggled to stay orgasined and disciplined with meal planning and calories counting, but nicer weather means I get to do a lot of outdoor activities with my son. Keeping work-life balance is always an issue, but I treasure every moment with my boy and do try to be good role model for him when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.

This week, week 12, will not be easy either, but it's never easy when you try to achieve something in life.

Here are some very useful tips to share with you after reading week 12’s plan.

1.Keep working on what you find difficult and be proactive in helping yourself progress.

2.Weight management is a lifelong commitment.

3.The longer you stick to your new lifestyle, the more normal it will feel.

4.Stick to lower-calorie eating

5.Keep it interesting. Variety is the spice of life, so if you feel yourself slipping back to old ways, mix things up a bit. Buy a new healthy cookbook, sign up for a healthy cooking course or try a new activity.

Have a good week!


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Well done happyhealthyjane 😊 Your weight loss is perfect for someone so close to goal 😊 And I love your attitude and objectives 😊

Good luck with week 12. Have a lovely Easter weekend with your little boy 😊


Thanks Anna:) My journey has not been easy, but you've always been so supportive. I'm very grateful, and feel like you're a friend in the cyber space even we've never met. Today I did 2 hours heavy gardening with my son. My 3 years old likes digging worms and watering. It was funny when he told daddy: "That was a fun day!" Knowing he's happy makes me happy:)


Well done to you, that's excellent.

I'm a firm believer that slower weight loss lasts longer ! There is valid evidence to support this because after losing weight our basic metabolism (BMR) will have slowed right down and just to stay there we'll need less calories than someone who is naturally that size. But by losing more slowly the body adapts more efficiently , and we're much less likely to regain the weight later on.

This was certainly true for me, Im just coming into my 3rd year of maintenance. Good luck with yours. 😊


Thanks Ellie:), and congrats on entering your 3rd year of maintenance! That's very encouraging knowing you also lost weight more slowly, and has been very successful when it comes to maintenance. I've heard about the benefits of losing weight slowly, but have a real testimonial is quite different. I hope to get much more tips from you when I enter the stage of maintenance:)

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