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Well my weigh in did not go well as expected on Monday. I put on 15 pounds and I have a talking scale before I look down to see it right. I want to thank the positive insights from the Mondays weigh in members. I am still in shock and getting help. I speed walked for 30 minutes Monday and today and the last 10 minutes are killers but I will not give in this time.!!! I am going out grocery shopping and making a serious list and learn to cook a new way. I am very very basic eater. My sister is the cook of the family. haha Well back to work.

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Hi Wadestreet

I understand how you feel with your gain, now it's happened just draw a line through it and move on. You can do this. If you haven't already why not join Anna61 re-boot challenge to help you focus on the coming week and for extra motivation.

If you need any ideas for meals as you say your not the cook, why not have a look in the Topic section under Recipes/Meals/Snacks for some ideas.

Have a good week.


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Hi, don't worry as you have been unwell you probably haven't been as active or food conscious as you normally are, draw a line as yellowrose suggested and carry on, you are already back walking so well done on not just giving up, you are amazing and can achieve anything 💪🏆

Good luck

Kat xx


Keep going Wadestreet, with your determination you will be able to succeed. Planning the shopping is so important.

Wishing you tons of success.

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You can do it Wadestreet. Take it slowly, one day at a time. You can do this. Please keep in touch.


Don't despair, keep going, and keep exercising as that will make you feel good :)


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