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Week 7 Halfway to healthy BMI

I weighed in on Saturday and I had lost a total 8 pounds in 6 weeks. Averaged most weeks. Roughly a pound a week give or take but still a total of 8 pounds. I've been on and off the scales like a yo yo every morning. The weeks I've maintained I felt a bit despondent but I do think it's better if we look at our total weight loss rather than be despondent when the scales read maintained. If that happens look at your TOTAL Weight loss to spur you on.....

I'm on week 7 ...... I've stuck to it religiously never going beyond 1400 calories for my daily intake usually 1200,,,,,,

At this halfway stage I've maintained but then I thought if the next half of the journey I lose another 8 pounds I'm hoping ..... That would be a total of 16 pounds. I started to perk up....

That really made me perk up and I felt motivated to continue. If I get the BMI to a healthy level in 12 weeks I will be so happy. I've to lose around six pounds for this but then I'm going to continue until I get the BMI into low end healthy eg 8 stone.

My motivation is still there. I've printed off the second half of the journey today.....


In my head my brain is saying what if you just maintain for next half of the journey .......

My concern is ..... Ive reached a plateau and am I going to just maintain ???? Eg just like the last week for the rest of the journey....... I so want to shift this fat...... !!!

My brain is playing tricks just like every person wanting to shift fat we want a miracle of course my sensible side says hey you've lost 8 pounds and all the fat took time to arrive. You've got to stick to it, this I know, I'm not giving in but the weight loss weeks where we lose no weight are a bit of a downer especially when we/I've done everything correct eg calorie intake....

I've stuck to my calorie intake..... Should I drop my calorie intake or shall I stick at 1200 to 1400 calories a day ?

Thank you.

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Well-done if Ur near Ur goal it will be harder

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Thank you, I've six pounds to get in healthy BMI but I've still a large amount of fat to shift in total around 2 stone so it's a long journey. It going to be Christmas 2018 when I reach my goal but it will be the very best gift.


No don't get any lower with your calories since your body can go in starvation mode and store all the fat just in case it has a shortage of food. If you have scales with body fat analyser then you can see if your body fat is getting less- if your body fat is not changing and you are doing exercises- it could be muscle that is causing you to plateau- which is good. Have you been doing measurements= some people do just their waist but other do upper arm circumference, chest, hips, thigh & calf- if they are reducing then don't worry about not loosing obvious weight as long as something is reducing. If after 3 week its still the same then double check your calorific intake- if you are consistently just having 1200 then increase to 1300 or 1400 because your body may think its in starvation mode, review your exercise- are you doing 150mins/week of aerobic exercise have you included any strength exercises? NHS CHoices Living Well site has some 10min strength exercises you can print off or strength & flex exercises which lasts about 45mins including warm up and cool down routine and you build up from level 1 to level 5. If you look at the NHS 12 week weight loss plan on the same webpage as the exercises weeks 6,10 and 11 may give you some ideas


Thank you so much for taking the time to give me ideas. I will have a look at what you have said and act upon it. With thanks 👗


Not a problem- good luck some of the ideas and experiences are mines some are from others on the site when they have responded to others with similar concerns. We may not know the answer but we can talk about what has or has not worked for us!


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