Advice on my morning routine please! πŸ˜†

Hi everyone!

Firstly, thank you for reading my post x

I have a routine each morning since we got our puppies in June last year, Monday to Friday whether the kids are at school or during holidays, I am out the front door by 5am walking the dogs for 30 mins- then coming home to prepare for the day and have my breakfast ( either 40g of porridge oats or 2 weetabix with a sliced banana and a muller light yoghurt on top with semi skimmed milk from my 250ml milk allowance)

My question is this, should I be eating before I go out for my walk? Probably! I am thinking, as my weight loss is definitely slowing down πŸ˜• so want to shake things up a bit!

What are your thoughts? Love to hear your routines πŸ˜€

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  • Hello Ginger-shell, you're welcome ;)

    Weight loss usually does slow down. In my first 4 weeks I lost 1.5kg per week. Then it slowed down, then it stopped and now its pretty much 0.5kg a week.

    What I ate and when I ate didn't change and I don't think that moving your breakfast will have any effect as its still an equation of the number of calories in against the number out. You'll still burn the same number of calories whether you have or haven't eaten before doing any exercise. (In cases where you're doing more extreme exercise over longer periods of time then what you consume beforehand could be a factor... life doesn't like to be black and white :) )

  • Thank you Tiggerr for your reply. I did wonder if it would really make a difference and it makes sense with ref to the more intense exercise- which isn't me lol

    I am not stop during the day,school runs we walk 2 miles then usual running around during the day and dogs walks, in the evenings with kids activities too. Holiday times I am always out with the kids or do mass housework and decorating like at the moment!

    Routine always changes a little in holiday time and it's a shame that the weight slows- only half a pound off in weigh in last night πŸ˜• but better off than on!πŸ˜€

  • Hi Ginger-shell, I don't think when you eat breakfast will make any difference. Sometimes we can get in a bit of a rut with food and I think it is a good idea to try and eat different things. You're a busy Mum and the school holidays are a nightmare, mine are all grown up and flown the nest, but I do remember what it was like.

    I had a good start to my journey, then it all slowed down. I only loose 1/4lb a week and have done for 5 or 6 weeks. It was and is very frustrating but I have taught myself to accept that it is going slowly. I think I am in my 11 week and I have lost 10 1/2lbs. Better than I have done in the past, I have only gained weight once, way better than in the past. Just remember the slower it comes off the more likely it is to stay off. A stone is a great loss, well done.

  • Thank you lucigret for gettingin touch with me.

    Great advice about breakfast never really sure.

    I was losing anything from 2lbs to 4lbs a week- since 17th of January- totalling 1stone 12lbs, which I am very pleased with, but noticing it slowing down, hoping that it will speed up when the kiddies are back at school πŸ™„ always tricky when they are home but try to plan.

  • Hi I would stick to whatever suits you as I don't like to eat breakfast straight away either. There are many studies been and on going about when we should eat and what time, late eating, how to split up the calories etc.

    I think you are having a very healthy breakfast anyway you could just have a banana go for the walk then come home to the proper breakfast that way you will have fuel and carbs to start with. I know some athletes eat a banana before competing.

    Weight loss is like a road full of bumps sometimes we run smoothly then sometimes along comes a maintain/gain etc, trick is don't let it bother you keep on that path and you will get to the end of your journey however long it takes.

    Since Jan this year and upto last week I had lost just 2lbs but if I had let it bother me I know as before I would have comfort ate then I would have lost my battle and I am not going to do that.

    Keep on you are doing a fab job, bet those puppies are fully grown now.🐢🐢

  • Fantastic advice with the breakfast, why I ask is I remember someone telling me to eat a banana and possibly a yoghurt before my walk and I wasn't sure if that's the way to go from here.

    Well done for keeping at it I have to remind myself its full of bumps in the road , that's my problem too.

    My husband's friend asked what if she does lose anymore weight my hubby answered well it doesn't matter as she's alot lighter since January so that's better than not doing anything about it in the first place -bless him!

    Yes, the dogs are over a year old now-rescue pups at 4 months. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ•πŸ•

    Keep going x

  • Your hubby is right you are lighter and better that than doing nothing, but it's the fitness side that matters too if you feel so much fitter and exercising more then that's fat gone to muscle so that weighs more too.

    I have a recuse dog too plus a mad Labrador who's so laid back he almost comotose.

    I couldn't eat much more than a banana first thing worth a try might get a metabolism boost.😊

  • I do love walking and understand that it might make a difference with weight loss- in both loss and gain.

    Lol one of my dogs is ready for action the other well.... it's a dogs life in the true sense lol

  • Hi gingershel it sounds like you have a very busy schedule! Eating first thing is unlikely to change much but have you considered reducing your carbs a little bit? We're all different but for me excess carbs really slow my weight loss so I stick to under 60g per day and I use MFP to monitor them. Ultimately it's about you finding what you can live with in order to reach your goal.

    Wishing you all the bestπŸ™‚

  • Thanks for your advice!

    Carbs are terrible to me, can only have one main meal a day with carbs but didn't think about breakfast.

    I never used to eat breakfast, what would you suggest for breakfast?

    I do slimming world so I am not sure what MFP is please do tell x

  • Slimming world is tricky as they still follow the low fat diet model but for me I tend to have eggs and tsp butter for breakfast or add a bit of bacon chopped and cook in a ramekin (can make in advance too)

    MFP my fitness pal is a free website that allows you to count cals, carbs and other nutrients by logging as you eat or planning ahead- a lot of people on here use it πŸ™‚

    Hope that helpsπŸ™‚

  • All sounds great. Did think about eggs. May need to try banana before walk and cook eggs after x

  • You do whatever works for you right now (and it will probably change over time too!) I personally find bananas too carbie and they kick off my insulin so I'm starving 30 minutes later- but that may not be the case for you. Have you considered whole grain toast 1tsp butter and a poached egg on top? (It wouldn't give you the same insulin response as a banana on its own?) Also from what I've been reading recently if you're trying to lose weight then early morning exercise is best on an empty stomach (as long as it's not a marathon!) but again it's all subjective and about finding what works for you.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  • Definitely try egg on toast, thank you

  • Don't be afraid to try something new (provided you aren't putting yourself at risk of course). If you want to eat before you go out for your walk, then why not?

    That said, Weetabix, low-fat yoghurts or skimmed milk will all play havoc with your hormones and jeopardise your health. Eat real food :-)

  • What foods would you suggest?

  • I'm loathed to be prescriptive; let's just say things you enjoy that have had minimal/no processing since they were obtained from something living a healthy life until recently.

  • I understand, I think- I tried Atkins, I know people have lots of different views on it but I understood the reasoning behind it and I lost the most weight ever following a low carb- all natural diet.

    I have been told by a dietitian at the hospital it is the best diet for diabetics and women with PCOS - like me.

    Something to think about.

    Thank you concerned

  • I'd just like to point out I don't believe very low/zero carbohydrate diets are the best for most people. I believe in having an adequate/optimal amount of comparatively slow-release carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen used. as part of a balanced way of eating. The more disrupted their metabolism, with insulin resistance, PCOS, NAFLD, arthritis and diabetes for instance, the less carbohydrate tolerance a person will have.

  • It's always good to shake things up and change things around. Stops your body from getting use to things and developing the wrong habits. Good luck Ginger-shell

  • I have read two differing views on this. On 'Trust Me I'm a Doctor' programme, they tested men against women and eating before and after exercise. It turned out that women eating carbs before exercise burned more fat that way, but it was only a small test panel. I also understand it that whether you eat before or after exercise your body continues to break the food down for several hours, even at night. The only problem I can see with you eating before you go out for a walk, is that you may be hungry when you get home and want to eat again. It's a minefield I know, but it has to come down to whatever works best for you.

    I have a friend who has a bowl of porridge at 6am when she gets up to feed the dogs, then after going to the gym at 8am, has another breakfast of poached egg on toast. She wonders why she isn't losing any weight!!

    Good luck with it, and the puppies.

  • Really interesting to hear about the test on men and women in the programme, food for thought lol

    I do wonder if I am eating too much at breakfast but don't eat again until lunch but occasionally I need a snack at about 11- fruit/ yoghurt/ veg.

    This morning, I tried but couldn't face a banana before walk, and came home ate a yoghurt with a hifi cereal bar- slimming world at about 6am , so an hour after being awake. I have felt hungry a moment ago so had another hifi bar (2 a day count as fibre for a day) I have never had them before but going to see how things go.

    I am going to be aware of how much I eat and carbs throughout the day.

    Thanks so much for response Twizz!

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