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Struggling to lose any more weight

Hi all

First time I've done this sort of thing but I'm 63 and after a few serious health problems last year decided losing some weight might be a good idea to help, so started a healthy eating routine mid January and controlled calorie intake so went to good foods and a limit of 1500 calories a day once I got used to it I've been fine and find it easy enough to stick to. Also taken to some vigorous cycling routines doing at least 2.5 hours a week of vigorous cycling in 7 days. Actually lost 25.5 lb in three month but this last two weeks I haven't lost an ounce but still sticking rigorously to the 1500 calories but have cut back on cycling because it was getting to hard on the low calorie intake couldn't muster the energy to do an hour a day, so doing some extra walking gardening etc for the excercise but weight loss has come to an abrupt halt what is going wrong I have never asked for help from anyone in life but this is important to me and for the first time I'm asking for help before I give in can someone please advise what I need to do to continue to lose weight before I lose faith stopped smoking 8 years ago and never use alcohol never have HELP!!!

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Hi Webload - I also loath asking for help but I don't think you really need any. 25.5lb loss in 3 months is fantastic and in my experience (I previously lost 5st) it's not unusual for the loss to stop and start, especially after a big strong opener. I would say stick with it, maybe try 30mins of cycling a day or pick up a new sport - social tennis now it's warming up is a lovely option I find. Don't lose heart, it will start shifting again. :-)

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Thanks sjb77 it's good to hear from people who have lost such amounts if I can make 5 st I'll be over the moon. I can't do high impact sport due to injury and disability but as you say maybe 30 mins a day on cycle is better than giving in so I'll stick at it and hopefully gain the downward trend again thanks for your support

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