Trouble with binging

I knew when I started I would occasionally have off days with my diet; I thought it would be just part of the gig particularly in the beginning and that as I get used to the diet they would become less frequent.

But the opposite is true and I feel like crap :(

For the first 18 days 3 of them I ended up binging but I still lost a fair bit of weight having started at 19 stone 10 and gotten down to 18 stone 9 on the 1st of april

But in the last 11, I've binged 6 basically every other day but have managed just about to keep my weight stable between 18stone 10-12

I don't know why that urge has gotten stronger. I brought a multipack of chocolate today, kids pack lunch box size, the ones that have 10g of carb/97 calories and I thought I could curb the binging by allowing 1 small treat every day or two. So naturally I just ended up eating all 6 bars :(

Feeling pretty crap and if anyone has been through this and has tips on getting through that I'd really love to hear from you


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12 Replies

  • I don't know how to help I'm afraid but t just wanted you to know your not alone as I do exactly the same. I'm trying to think of it as an addiction, you wouldn't have alcohol or cigarettes in the same house as someone who is addicted so maybe try and keep it out the house if you can. Try planning a treat for the end of the day ( not one that you can't control ) and rather than say no I can't have that, say , I'm not going to have that now as I'm looking forward to my...

    Maybe a sugar free jelly or small bowl of ice cream with nuts on top?

  • Try substituting sugary chocolate with whipped double cream, mascarpone or cheddar for example.

    Don't cut back as much on the other days, just in case you're building up a hunger deficit.

    Enjoy everything you eat, so you won't need additional 'treats'.

  • Hiya, sorry to hear you are struggling with binge-eating. Sometimes I think our psychological make-up is a huge barrier to weight-loss and we self-sabotage as soon as we start to accomplish something. You could take a look at this book I saw while browsing Amazon today because I think I am an emotional eater -

    Maybe it would offer some answers? Wishing you all the best on your weight-loss journey, keep on plugging.

  • Oh poor you , now we all do this at times so don't think you are alone. Best advice I can think off is do not buy any chocolate or sugary snacks they play havoc with your bodied sugar levels and make you want more. Find another thing you like that is more rewarding to you body , I have nuts , mixed dried fruit in yoghurt or similar and keep them in a jar they are a healthier option and full of vits and minerals just remember not to eat them all. I find now if i go off and have a lot of sweet treats now I feel like crap .

    Hope this helps .K

  • Hello.,you are not alone! I am a binge eater and struggle to get to the end of a week without sabotaging my healthy eating. I seem to love eating and can't get enough of the sweets and cakes, etc, sometimes not stopping until I feel sick! I also go through phases of hiding food and secret eating. It's not good I know, and it's so difficult to stop a life long habit.

    People say if you really want to loose weight you would. I do get that but it's the mind set. How to keep the positive mind set? Ah......................

  • Hi thero_cpd Sorry the chocolate has such a strong pull on you.. It's hard to make any suggestions that would really be a good fix like chocolate...

    Do you keep nuts or fruits that are grabbable ready to eat? Little clusters of grapes, plums, small apples, small banana's or dried fruits whatever you like?

    I wish you a better week ahead.. I hope that someone can help with a suitable substitute for you to try...

  • Hey. I don't really keep any fruit or nuts in the house as I'm on keto and limiting my carbohydrates, normally 30g or under per day but I can stay in ketosis at under 50. I figured with these mini bars have 10g of carb each I'd be ok but maybe I should exlore some fruit options :)

  • Fruit is a healthier option, but it is still sugar; the fructose bypasses satiating hormones, increases blood platelet stickiness increasing risk of clotting, and in excess causes NAFLD and insulin resistance. For those reasons, more than two or three portions per day isn't so good.

  • I think chocolate abd 'treats' could be your problem, if you are restricting carbs you need to make sure the carbs you do eat really count. 😕

    My suggestion is focus on eating better quality food and be a little more generous until you get yourself in an even keel.

    From the sounds of it a low carb eating plan perhaps isn't the best one for you 😕 (It doesn't suit me at all!!)

    If you want any more help just ask 😊

    Best wishes


  • Hello there. I do sympathise with you. If you have this tendency it is probably better not to keep these kinds of snacks in the house for random snacking. Instead you can occasionally make a positive choice and go and buy yourself a bar of chocolate and really enjoy it, knowing that you don't have to feel guilty and it's ok to have it. I think in time you might find your body will change and your need for sweet things will become less.

    There is something else you could try. Nakd bars, they do a chocolate and orange one that is really nice. I can't pretend it's the same as a bar of green and blacks but it has a nice cocoa flavour.

    I wish you all the best. Take care.

    :-) x

  • Oh nakd bars are the best!! I keep them in my drawer at work for when I'm peckish, or having a general choccie attack. I honestly find that the chocolate/chocolate orange ones are sweet enough that they will curb a sweet craving, and they're only about 130 calories. They're certainly better than the cereal bars and breakfast biscuits I used to keep in my drawer! :)

  • Hi thero_cpd

    Sorry to hear you are having a problem with binging which is not helping your weight loss. Have a look at the post "New year Amnesty" which talks about getting yourself in the right mind set to lose weight. You can find it in the Pinned post section.

    Try not to have any chocolate or sweet things in the house and when you have a sweet craving have some fruit. Keep going you can do this.

    Have a good week.


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