think I have made the decision to maintain. . . I have been at my current weight for a few weeks now and wonder if that's where my body is happy. A lot of weight came off my chest and I dont want more coming off there lol. I'm 6lb off my healthy bmi but my waist to height ratio says I am 2 inches off being slender and healthy . So I think I am going to concentrate on toning up for now . Do I still post my maintenance weight in Thursdays weigh in for accountability or is it done in the monthly maintenance thread? x


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6 Replies

  • Very well done charliejack 😊 That sounds like a very sensible decision 😊

    I would continue to weight weekly until you feel confident enough, but there's nothing to stop you saying hello on the miantainers thread as well 😊


  • thank you I will do that and also pop in on the maintenance thread x

  • Wow you look amazing!! ❤

  • thank you! x

  • Well done, a great example for us to follow.

  • Good luck with your maintenance 🌻

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