Brisk walking

started really getting into more brisk walking after the session with One You Haringey on Monday this week. As I had an agency registration to attend, in Liverpool Street, I got there by public transport so as not to turn up looking the worse for wear, but walked home after, approx 5-6 miles...then on Tuesday, I can't remember what i did maybe a couple of miles, On Wed, went to Cineworld Enfield, walked there...5.5 way, came back by bus, yesterday I walked to East Finchley but as i took the bus for part of the way, the walk was was about 7 miles both i managed only 1.5 miles to the local Tesco and back. I really think it boils down to sheer will power. Joining a walking group may make sense, but you have to wait for the day and time, whereas if you just kitted yourself out with proper walking shoes and a bottle of water for the long walk, and remember why you are doing it in the first place, you will succeed in maintaining a regular routine and before you know it, the pounds will be dropping off! Guys I think Im pushing myself will be checking my weight at the One You Haringey tomorrow to see if anything at all has come off!!


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12 Replies

  • Hi missussim

    You certainly have been clocking up the miles walking everywhere, well done you. I must admit I do enjoy going out for my daily walks and really miss them if I don't and I know it has definitely helped with my weight loss so far. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.

    Have a good week walking.


  • hi YellowRose55 you see I have a purpose for the walk...if its just to walk around the park, I probably wouldnt do it....I have to walk somewhere that I have be at...and thats makes off I not yet into walking longer distances...but i hope to keep it up....

  • Hi missussim

    Yes I get what your doing and it make really good sense. I had to go somewhere on Saturday and decided to walk it and after breaking my PB in steps and even though I ached I was really happy I had done it .

  • apologies, dont get the PB acronym ;)

  • sorry PB is "Personal Best"

  • Sounds like you have caught the walking bug 😆 it's definitely nice on a warm sunny day,

    I looked into walking clubs a while back, but all the local ones are on during the week day when I'm at work so now I recruit my daughter or husband and off we go, we live near the Kennet so have some lovely walking paths.

    Enjoy xx

  • hi Katmt..haha.. you are prob right about the walking bug...i only started this week....lets see how much longer I can keep it up I'm currently out of work, as an older woman, trying to find work is not the I'm using this time to do the walking..once I start back I prob wont have the time

  • going in to OneYou Haringey session today, keeping fingers crossed some pounds have dropped off...but it never happens overnight as i just started this brisk walking or even more longer distances than iv done before, surely there has to be change? we will see

  • yes, i did lose 2 lbs....something better than nothing eh? it must have been all that walking I did... so its off to the cinema again, then, 5.5 miles like i did last long walk and little ones can follow....better to keep fit anyway you can eh?

  • ok 7 miles yesterday, gonna do about 5.5 today, it does fluctuate I know, but the trick is to keep yourself up and about, I have to lose one stone....14lbs,,,sounds like a very tall order

  • Update: Walked 5.5. miles on Wed, not much yesterday, or today being Good Friday, but soon again...i guess the pounds are slowly coming off...I feel lighter but wont count my chickens..... have a good Easter everyone, dont scoff too many choices

  • Spurred on by daughter who does mini marathons and keeps fit regularly, I did walk briskly around my local park, 5 laps so 5 miles...pleased that I managed it of course, i think getting in the frame of mind to lose the weight for myself and for nobody else..will spur me on even further...thinking of my clothes getting looser on me, is such a nice thought :P

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