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My Reboot Plan

Just organising my brain to think about how I will tweak my diet for my Summer Weight Loss. I am a creature of habit and I don't like to spend all my time thinking about food.

My calorie allowance is 1650-2121. I will aim for 1600-1800 per day.

1. Slightly more emphasis on protein and slightly less on carbs.

2. More veg, prepared with a more creative approach.

3. More fish.

4. Fruit salads and yoghurt.

5. Aim to make one especially nice healthy meal each week, trying something new.

6. Incorporate more seeds and nuts into my diet.

That'll do to be going on with.

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Hi Ruby,

Good luck with your reboot!

Those sound like 6 points to success!

Rob :P


Morning Ruby8

Sounds like you have a good plan of action worked out, well done you. Hope your week goes well with the new plan.




If you can download an app called myfitnesspal it will shock you how cals/carbs/sugar etc are in certain foods esp fruit.

Your plan sounds good, fish, pork (lean), chicken and turkey are all good sources of protein. Try roasting your veg very nice, if you have a slow cooker make a ragu then add white meat. Flatten a chicken breast out put a very tiny amount of garlic butter and some cheese on one 1/2 flip the other side over it and roast (does not use more than 20g of cheese). Frittata is lovely and quick. Add low fat low cal cream cheese to fish only need 30g of that mix with peas carrots. They are my favourite things.

Look for barenaked rice/noodles not everyone likes then but very low cals and carbs. Holland barrett do range called slim pasta, rice noodles. Again something Inuse alot.

Liberte plain 0% yogurt.

Good luck with your plan look forward to updates.


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Some great plans there Ruby8 😊 Good lucj

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I'll start my reboot in May, just finish 12weeks plan ,will give myself a maintenance period.


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