Danger! Peanut butter!

I was trying to work out why after slowly losing 10lb over 100 days on the 5:2, I had suddenly put on 3lb this week (cheeky mid-week weigh). So I went back through my food log, and I can only put it down to peanut butter. I bought some to make a Hairy Bikers curry, which we had last weekend, and since then I had been having some on toast for breakfast every day to use it up. According to MFP, it's 190 cal for 2tbsp, and I had counted that into my daily total. On non-fast days I try to stay within 1500-1800 cal. So I can only think that this must be the culprit. What do others think? I won't be buying it again anyway! I'm very cross that my hard earned weight loss has been jeopardised like this - but maybe I should have known that something so delicious comes with a price tag!


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11 Replies

  • Oh dear. Those hairy bikers dieters recipes are great but finishing up the ingredients is a problem. Could you freeze the rest of the peanut butter in little lumps so that you can just use it in future recipes?

  • I can't buy peanut butter as I eat it by the spoonful straight out of the jar, it makes my mouth water just reading about it😱😱 but yes it could quite easily have been the culprit 😟 xx

  • I love peanut butter but it's a one off treat every now and again. It's the bread that does it for me one slice and a pound goes on lol. 😢

  • Peanut butter along with honey do not go bad, so just keep the peanut butter for your next curries.

  • I've taken Grannynise's advice and frozen the remainder!

  • Could it be water retention from the increased carb intake Trimmerteacher?

    Of course, if it were as simple as a calorie is a calorie, it wouldn't matter provided you've counted all that you ate.

  • Well I've learned way back that not all calories are equal! But I eat butter and other fats in moderation, and thought peanut butter was simply fat and protein, not just empty calories (like cakes and biscuits). According to MFP 2tbsps peanut butter is 16 g fat, 7g protein, 8g carbs (that's not a lot of carbs) and 2g sugar, 2g salt. But I shall be very careful in future! 😟

  • I have peanut butter and banana toastie for lunch sometimes, delicious! I only use a small quantity though and warbutons wholemeal .

  • I often use nut butter, 2teasp on 1 slice of toast, and then some fruit, I think it's healthier than normal butter.

    I'd just go with being more careful, tho

  • lol I think you found the culprit Trimmerteacher. How was the curry? I've never used peanut butter before in a curry but it sounds yum! Im terrible with food like that, I crave it if it's in the house so I have to eat it until it's gone. If it's not in the house I don't crave it - strange I know.

  • I have a serving of peanut butter 4-5 times a week, a handful of nuts once a day is superbly good for you and nut butters count the same as whole nuts in terms of nutritional benefits :) I would limit the serving size to 1-2 tsp though as it is very fatty. Try having one slice of bread, a very thin layer of nut butter and sliced apple on top. I sometimes sprinkle cinnamon on top too. Delicious and wholesome and keeps me fuller longer than just fruit on its own....but no its not the most slim-line of snacks!

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