Rebooting for Summer

Hello Peeps, I have been keeping a very low profile for some months now, but as warmer weather and spring days are here, I feel the time is right to have another effort at weight loss.

Since I joined in August 2016 I have lost a stone and a half. I now aim to lose at least another stone over the summer.

My starting weight is 230lbs, and my first mini goal is to get down to 224lbs which will make me 16 stone.

Starting BMI 37.1.

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7 Replies

  • Hi Ruby8

    Lovely to see you back. Good luck with your next stage of your weight loss journey. Why not have a look at Anna61's April re-boot challenge, it may help you get back on track.

    Have a good week.


  • Yes, please join us Ruby8 😊

  • Welcome back and good luck on your continued journey😊

  • Thank you lovely people! 😀Xxx

  • Welcome back Ruby8 :)

  • Welcome back, Ruby.

    Simply re-assess your numbers, alongside re-introduing methods that allowed 18lbs to be lost and you'll hopefully achieve your aim.

    Since you only have a stone to lose, if you're exercising regularly, don't maintain a huge deficit from maximum allowance. Simply reduce daily intake by 100-150Kcal, allowing exercise/daily activity to increase overall expenditure.

  • Lovely to hear from you . I am sure you can easily loose a stone over summer , if not more . Onwards and downwards x

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