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Off to work! 😕

Off to work! 😕

This is what greeted me when I opened my door this morning. Not an amazing view but I live above a shop so the sunrise rising and the Red was a nice surprise. I had frost on my car at 6.50am ☃️😕

I had a sneaky look at the scales and I may have put on, I will wait now until Monday morning 😭

Have a good weekend everyone. Beautiful weather in Marlow, Bucks 😎🤗xx

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Lovely Gemini! It makes it a lot easier to leave a warm bed in the morning, if you're greeted by something as beautiful as that :)

Don't panic, there's another day and a half before Monday! :)

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😕 thanks moreless only can do my best. 😢

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You'll be fine! :)


Starve yourself tomorrow j/k

Great morning pic there. Makes me miss home

Keep up the good work



I'm starving myself!! 😂😂😂😂😂

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Good morning Gemini 64, a nice photo. It's a nice day out doors today.

I hope you have the weekend off, if not I know that you will still have a good day.

I enjoyed my work and miss all my co-workers and the people that I support.

My younger ones have all grown up now and in their own place now with support.

Hope you are doing well today 🙂

Enjoy your day 🙂😎 George

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Morning George,

Glad you liked my photo.

Yes I'm working today but only 10 hours today, so I will be home by 8.15pm to chill out a bit before my week starts again.😊

Sorry to hear that you are missing your work and co workers. That's hard for you.😕

What type of work where you in ? I'm usually in 1-1 LD, autism, Downs, usually non verbal and physically challenging.☺️

At the Moment I have a client with Dementia, she is 79 and a little spitfire! A whole new world! Lol

Dementia in Downs Im used to, but this my first Older lady, she keeps me on my toes, my steps have gone from 5000 average to 8-1000 per day!!

Well George I hope you have a good day too, what day do you weigh in ?

Take care 😊🤗

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I weigh in on a Saturday, a big gain yesterday. Yes I am the same as you.

Supporting​ adults, 1 - 1, I started with younger ones, all grown up and flown the nest..

Autism mainly, and even though one two can not talk, we communicate well with each other..

Started with a new lad two years ago, only 18yrs.

So I miss him, my adopted son is LAD and enjoys being in his new flat with 24hr support.

He is spoilt rotten, always wants pocket money for CDs DVDs etc.

Your shift will fly by, hope you have back up & support.

Lunch time, so you will be doing

the same routine 🙂 all in place.😎

Have a great day and enjoy your evening later on. George ☺️

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