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Slow like the the tortoise

Well I've been trying to lose weight since January and have lost 10lb in the last 14 weeks. Had birthdays and valentines etc. Lost my determination a few times but have still lost. So guess I'm heading in the right direction. Started to do circuit training this week and have done my knee in trying. Might have to wait till its sorted before I try again

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Hi again, Skinnygrandma :)

I gave you all the newbie info in your other post, because you'd never introduced yourself before. It should help with your motivation :)

I've also awarded you your first weight loss badge, as you've done so well! :)

Sorry to hear about your knee, I think you'd probably be wise to rest it, before trying the circuits again and I hope it heals really quickly for you :)


Skinnygrandma according to myfitnesspal circuit training is more about strength exercises. It doesn't really help for weight loss but is important to do 2 times a week. As long as your knee is giving you trouble you can try some cycling or swimming as these can count as aerobic exercises and isn't weight bearing. I hope you recover soon.

You've done incredibly well and is definitely moving in the right direction. Congratulations!




Slow and steady wins the race Skinnygrandma 😊 Better than going the other way 😊


Thankyou. The encouragement is appreciated


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