Unexpected Triggers in Maintenance

Unexpected Triggers in Maintenance

Fellow maintainers know deep down that we can never go back to old habits, at least not for more than a day or so, and retain our new slim figures. As many of you know, I've been maintaining successfully for two years without ( in my opinion) any real sacrifices in the food department... even through two christmasses and four holidays.

So you can imagine my surprise, and fear,when yesterday a trip to my 'old' supermarket took me back in time, in a bad way.

Before I lost weight I used to drive to a big supermarket to do a big shop, every week or so by car. But when I started losing weight, I changed my routine to a smaller local supermarket 20 minutes wàlk away. That way I'd restrict my shopping to 2 bags which I could carry home ( or sometimes walk in/ bus back). Consequently I'd think carefully about my purchases.

Now, yesterday, O.H and I were out by car and needed to stop on our way home for weekend food and we stopped at my "old" big Morrissons. But something rather scary happened. I bought not only my usual healthy fish, chicken, veggies etc, BUT also two packs of Easter biscuits, big box of Easter mini egg cakes, crusty white Tiger bread ( for two years I only ate hovis wholemeal) !!!. Anyway, I did eat some of the tiger bread but have put the cakes etc at the back of the cupboard for hubby to indulge in, preferably when I'm not around.

Eeek, a scary experience, it was as if the old surroundings gave me back the old temptations. 😱

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19 Replies

  • It is very scary that all the old ways are still alive and kicking in our sub-conscious minds, Ellie, but the glimmer of hope to hang onto, was that your new awareness stopped you from diving headfirst into the goodies and scoffing the lot! :)

    We will always have the old memories, but now we have the new memories to keep us on the straight and narrow. You're still a super maintainer and an inspiration to all of us! :)

  • Thank you for the reassurance @moreless


  • I'd say you were very well restrained there elliebath 😊 But like you say, it's a timely reminder

  • Thanks Anna, wasn't looking for praise but after two years it is a warning that old habits do indeed die hard 😉

  • Every time you overcome these huge temptations it is like winning a marathon. I also try to walk to my nearest supermarket for the same reason and I'm so glad you have the same thoughts about this. I spit out a biscuit today. I feel quite embarrassed although I were alone in the kitchen. I just thought that if I go through with the snatching and gobbling up I will eat another and another. Scary!

  • I must admit I don't really deny myself any food item if I really want it. It's all a question of balance and so far , for three years, I've relied on tactics like a small portion or shared dessert, cutting a block of cheddar into 1ounce chunks, measuring my 150ml wine glass, etc etc.

    Overall this works for me, but if opening a packet of biscuits is difficult for you, just buy small individual items . When I was losing, my safe standby was a 2 finger kitkat !

  • Oh, that sounds like good and yummy advice. I also eat whatever I want within reason. But I try to avoid mindless eating.

  • Great post.

    I absolutely love those cake bars. I do online shopping and I have to buy in biscuits, cakes and crisps for the kids, but I choose carefully. I never deny myself, but allow myself a treat and count it in.

    I maintained between my last two children and it is NOT easy. You have to watch everything.

    You're doing really well Ellie and a great help to everyone maintaining. Well done :-)

  • One of my triggers is traveling on business trips - and to be honest I haven't got it sussed. I tend to go up the night before, when I'm hungry. And the only stuff you can get in airports and stations is either full of sugar or carbs (sandwiches, bread rolls, pizza etc). Salads are difficult to eat if you haven't got a handy fork with you. Then evenings in hotels just trigger crap eating (fast food as I don't want to sit in a restaurant on my own) and a bottle of beer.

    Even worse I tend not to drink enough, the breakfasts in hotels are far too tempting (after all it's paid for) and the biscuits on the table in meetings just lead me astray. Was on a trip this week and I haven't eaten anything sweet during the whole of lent. I got back to the hotel and it suddenly hit me that I'd guzzled heaps of biscuits without even switching my brain on.

    Fortunately I don't travel that much. But it is very strange!

  • I sympathise with you and I share your despair at airport / train food . Last month at an airport I ended up eating burger and chips in desperate hunger ....it was not enjoyable though. I have lost the taste for fast food ( apart from indian 😉! )

  • A good reminder elliebath that it's so easy to slip back to old habbits even after 2 year. Like an ex smoker perhaps, the temptation never leaves us. Perhaps it's somethink more primeval. Any how, so glad you shared and limited the situation.

    I just keep telling myself it's just addictive junk food but it's hard to break habits of a lifetime. Just being a maintainer is fantastic, I can't wait to join the club 😄😄

  • See you soon jopo

  • It sounds like it's not just the still-familiar shopping behaviour that the old supermarket represents, but maybe also a lingering receptiveness to the more aggressive marketing ploys of big supermarkets that you've only addressed so far through avoiding rather than actively resisting. It sounds like unfinished business rather than a return to old habits. Maybe this supermarket needs to be confronted and told what's what. You went there susceptible and open to its cake/bread hard-selling methods. But maybe next time go armed with a few rules e.g. no refined carbs, only 'extras' permitted must be unprocessed foods e.g. veg/fish/whole-grain, etc. Better to be prepared in case temptation strikes again, rather than forever live in fear of moments when you're exposed to environments outside your well-honed local shopping safe-zone! Oh, and slice up that tiger bread and freeze it. Then just take out a slice or two as 'needed' :)

  • It's true that there were lots of 'special offers' on the items I prefer not eat , such as pork pies, ready meals and loads of Easter cakes and confectionary. Whereas my local, smaller Waitrose also has "offers" of course but thay do not seem so 'in your face' . Hmmm, you may be partly right about previous avoidance techniques, but I also think that shopping with O.H is maybe not a great idea, except at the check-out..lol 😁

  • I can totally relate, tho I've had a bit of a bad week, far too many nibbles ( my variance says 1 1/4lb), last night I went to two 50th drinks dos, three fruit juice drinks , and a small piece of cake , I'm all sugared out! Then came the burger and chips, despite dinner before hand ( why do drinks make you hungry). Never ever been a drinker and gave up fruit juice too, apart from last night.

    Now veering towards more cheese, crisps, nuts and savoury stuff, yes it may be a variable of a 2lbs that is more than enough tho

  • Don't panic yet Diana. Through last week I yo-yo'd by 1 to 4 lbs, but as usual, it has dropped back again today...

  • Well it's about 2lbs away from my comfort variance, I think my body has changed again!

    Back on track as from today, no panicking!

  • The difference now elliebath is that you recognised all of the, took evasive action (back of the cupboard) and ate only a bit of the bread. That is fantastic, be so proud. That is why you are a maintainer, a real example to us all.

  • Ahh, thanks 😄

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