Enjoy this weekend

Morning all.

A lot of us have some great weather to look forward to this weekend. As of Monday it looks like it will be a lot cooler with rain.

I'm a fair weather Tiggerr so its go go go for me to make the most of it. Plenty of gardening, walking, cycling and DIY... oh and the obligatory (sun's out) bbq.

I prevaricate... see you all later and enjoy :) Boing!


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14 Replies

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  • It's certainly a gorgeous morning here today, Tigger. I shall have to take my computer into the garden :)

    Enjoy all your outdoor activities while you can, especially the bbq! What time should I aim to arrive? ;)

  • Funnily enough its so foggy here you can hardly see out the window but I'm assured it will clear up. I can never see my laptop in the sun :(

    This time of year bbqs are early afternoon to take advantage of the sun. The second lot of asparagus will be going onto the griddle ;)

  • I'm not sure I'll be able to see mine either, but I can try it in the shade :)

    Oh yummy! See you later then! :D

  • Gosh are you picking your own asparagus already? Mine haven't started showing yet.

  • The dry winter and the warm spring has made everything topsy turvy. Normally my lawn is so wet at this time of year, that I can only mow some of it. This year I've mowed it four times already.

    So it's over to yours then when mine stop growing and yours are ready :)

  • Certainly is!

  • enjoy your weekend @TiggerrπŸ˜ƒ

  • You too lucigret!

  • Glorious sunshine here in God's own county (Yorkshire😊), but we had a hard frost, so it's not very warm yet. Green gym beckons today!

    I need distracting as I got on the scales today and appeared to have put on 3lb (eek!) since my weigh in last Tuesday. As it only comes off me very slowly indeed, this was a nasty shock as you can imagine. 😟

    And I am away Monday to Wednesday next week, so can't weigh in and will be offered lots of temptation whilst visiting family. Oh dear!

  • When I opened the curtains, it was pretty thick fog across the whole valley and still is. Anyway not too thick to get the rotovator out and wake up the neighbours.

    That 3lb must be a shock. Do you know why or is it just part of the body's random fluctuations?

    I quite enjoy being offered food and drink nowadays. I politely say that I'm not able to, whilst hiding feelings of euphoric imperiousness :)

    All power to your fork hand!!

  • Now that is not what is supposed to happen when you change your name Trimmerteacher ! I'm sure there is a reason for it and you will work it out. Probably one of those annoying fluctuations and it will sort it's self out. Have a good few days away and try and stay strong. Decide before you go what you will allow yourself to say 'yes' to and maybe just a smaller portion.

  • Enjoy :) We got out in the woods early with the dogs and the sky was blue, the sun was bright, and there was thick frost everywhere! Absolutely stunning :) also in Yorkshire Trimmerteacher :)

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  • Enjoy the lovely weather wherever you are and whatever you're doing today! :) :) :)

  • Have fun! 😊

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