Weekend Accountability

Good evening, I'm checking in for the weekend. 48 hours of healthy choices for me please!

This is my 2nd weekend and although I had a good week, survived the weekly food shopping trip incl. buying chips for everyone and driving it home, I'm a bit nervous as weekends are danger zones for me. Hence my post here... I'm prepared for it, meal plan and all and I'll be busy helping with the lambing. If all goes well I'll be checking in tomorrow evening, if I'm struggling I'll be on here sooner. This is a bit funny to say but hopefully you won't here from me ha ha! Wishing you all a good and healthy weekend X


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7 Replies

  • Evening Elke516

    Lambing sound like really hard work and unpredictable hours. Difficult to stay on plan. Well done for not eating the chips 😇

    Good luck 🍀 for the weekend and hope we don't hear from you 😉😬 you know what I mean

  • Thank you Gemini64, I hope you had a good weekend and the sun was shining :-)

  • Another post that sounds like me, not that long ago. I posted something similar 2 or 3 weeks into my lifestyle change.

    It's good that you've recognised your danger zones and that you're planning accordingly. You can't really do more than that. The only thing I can offer you is that after only a few weekends, your new life gets easier.

    If you're going to be working quite hard, make sure you have a decent breakfast, that you'll be able to have a good lunch as well and that you keep drinking plenty of water (or similar).

  • Evening everyone, checking in for accountability. Still going strong. I had a fab day and stuck to my food plan. The lambing went well, we ended up taking one to the vet to help him with his number 2. He's fine now and settled down straight away. Wishing you a good and healthy Sunday.

  • Another weekend in the bag! I hope I'll get used to this because I'm feeling so much better about myself and I have lots more energy. Saying that, today I'm exhausted but happy. Just knowing that this group is so supportive helps enormously. Thanks guys.

    Welcome to all newbies.

    Prayers to those who are struggling at the moment, sending you some good vibes.

  • Hi Elke516

    Great to know you had a good weekend and managed to stay on plan. Glad the new baby lamb is on the mend. Great that the support is helping you.

    I used to find the weekends hard but now because I'm weighed on a Monday morning it gives me more incentive to stay on track! Sometimes! 😉

    Well wil say goodnight 😊😴💤💤💤

  • Thank you Gemini, weigh-in early in the week really helps with staying on track over the weekend. You have a good week and thanks for keeping in touch. :-)

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