Doing well.... so far but very nervous!!

Hi everyone!

Has anyone else ever felt or beeñ through a similar situation?

I started slimming world mid Jan weighing in at 17stone 3lbs and in 11 weeks have dropped a stone 11.5 lbs- I am 5 foot 5inch tall- I am both pleased and amazed at the results for my health and physical appearance too.

But I am now at a point 15 stones 5.5 lbs that I ALWAYS seem to bounce back to and am now very nervous that I won't lose any more weight. I know this sounds crazy and I need to look at how far I have come,to focus on the plan and not stress about it as that's when it all goes to pot! But finding it really hard to not worry 😔😕😯😣

What's your advice?


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20 Replies

  • Very well done! That's an excellent weight loss so far 😊 Just relax, have faith and trust the process, you can do this Ginger-shell 😊

  • Thank you for so much for your kind words and advice!

    Trying to stay focused, just wobbling 😣

  • I know that feeling! It's so hard to believe that you can do it. You have just got to keep going and keep checking in with everyone on here for encouragement and inspiration. Hang on in there!

  • Thank you xxx

  • Hi ginger-shell, I've been through the same feelings as you and still have them. I've been waiting to slip up....I'm still waiting to slip up but I think that for you and me that's a strength not a weakness. It allows us to not become complacent and to stay focused.

    You've done fantastically well to get where you are. Stick to the same old same old that has got you to where you are now and you'll sail past this point.

  • Thank you for your reply and time.

    It's good to hear that I'm not alone, I like your comment ref strength not a weakness, just what I needed to keep me in check 😊

  • You have done good so far. Don't worry about what may happen because by doing this it puts you in a negative frame of mind. That can cause problems like comfort eating. Stay positive be proud of what you have achieved so far and believe you can continue to carry on doing so. Reward yourself for what you have achieved so far and plan your next reward for your next milestone weight loss

    Good luck

  • Great advice, thank you!

    Definitely watching out for the negative thoughts as they always have an impact on my eating.

  • Glad to have helped

  • So long as you keep to your weekly weigh in and take action if your weight goes up too far you'll be fine.

    In the past I've avoided the scales when I've either been sure I've gained or that I've got too complacent about my ability to maintain. That has led to disaster. This time I'm weighing and facing the consequences!

  • Fantastic advice Grannynise!

    Always dread the weigh in on a Monday evening at group but will definitely take your advice.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I'm now down to the weight I was when we moved to this house 16 years ago. Haven't been less in that time. Desperate to keep going but feel like I'm heading into the unknown or the impossible. We can do this if we just keep going.

  • Very well done so far! And I know exactly what you mean - I am at the same point in my journey. For me it's around 80kg when my body seems to try and hang on to every single gram it can. But really, it's just that I think it's a bit of a milestone for me, so whenever I am under, I start relaxing my diet a bit. I am hoping the nice weather this time will help me to move more and be more conscientious in carrying on. For now, try and relax and stick to the plan, even if it seems like hard work. Good luck! Also, check whether you should modify your calorie intact - you have lost a lot, so maybe you need to adjust for that.

  • I agree, I do get a little too confident and with my 4 kids(4 - 10yrs) on school holidays always makes a difference- always out and about and careful with food but don't seem to get the walking in as much.

    I'm going to write down what I am eating and swap some foods as they may help- too many carbs in a day makes a difference to me.

    I want to say thank you for all your support and advice. Really needed to know that I wasn't alone- thank you again x 😙

  • You'll be my shining example. I hope to be better this time than I was last time.

  • Me too! Lol I know it works just got to believe in ourselves xx

  • I know exactly how you feel Ginger-shell. I'm at the same point in my journey. After quick and steady loss for 3 months, I've been stuck for 2 months at 11st 2. The same point I always seem to get stuck. For 9 weeks (well apart from a bad fortnight) I have stuck to calories and exercised and although my weight is the same, I've taken 3/4 inch off my waist, so I think I'm still losing fat. I know it will come off eventually if I just stay patient and focussed. if you dig in for a few weeks, you'll get there!

  • Definitely not giving up x

  • I too have a "sticking point" which is a familiar weight at which I have spent much of my adult life...this weight being 12st 7lbs. I have been up to 15st 6lbs and as low as 11st 3lbs, (strangely enough following the birth of my 2nd child - I ate less when pregnant due to less room for my stomach I think)! Currently, I weigh 13st 1lb and know that I have to get back down to around the 12st mark to be comfortable, but all the height and weight charts say I should be between 10stone 7lbs and 11st 7lbs which is daunting to say the least!

  • I totally understand where you are coming from, I have only been at my heaviest with my 1st pregnancy and was so shocked when I saw the scales in January. Have to say that I have struggled throughout my teens and adulthood with my weight, lowest being 12stone 5lbs- along time ago!

    BMI for me is about 10- 11 stone which I have never been!!!! , I am just going to get down to a comfortable weight that looks good too xx

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