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What day of the week is it?

It is Friday again 😂😂

Friday will be the death of me, Friday is the crutch I carry. Some how I cannot think rationally when the beer, sausages and pizza come out.

Friday as I have mentioned earlier is a time when the working week is over and friends and neihbours gather at our Firepit. We sit around it and chew the fat about the week. What has been happening, who did what. It is a camp out for adults. We let our hair down and have a laugh. Saturdays are spent with family but Friday is for us.

I have tried different things but apart from staying in bed on Thursday and waking up Saturday morning and skipping Friday altogether nothing works to get by without enjoying some sins😲

So I have decided from now on Friday is my "cheat day" I am going to be good during the week and mostly at weekends but Fridays are the day for me to enjoy. Firepit Friday has been going for almost a year already and it was our idea. It is the one day of the week that everyone looks forward to.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend


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Lol! Aaaaw good for you Jan.

Have a great weekend and "Chillax"!! 🤗😎😊


Thanks buddy you too 😀


Just to make it clear I dont drink a lot, just a couple of beers and couple slices of pizza/ sausages. It is just a time to relax 😎


It's a good feeling to accept these aspects of our lifestyles as being healthy within the overall picture, I think it's a sign of confidence even. Over time you'll develop strategies to make sure it doesn't derail/counteract healthier days during the week. But for now, knowing you have Friday to look forward to may well help you stay all the more focused for the other 6 days. Enjoy :)


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