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Me March and now April 2017

Me March and now April 2017

Hello.although we are just in April from these pictures. A difference now can be seen .I go get weight done sometime to day.i still do gym even though my re- balance programme has ended.im trying to get to 10 stone but it's bit stubborn never mind I get there. I went and saw my specialist for my stones as I have mentioned in previous messages and she said that now my stones are quiet and I have lost a stone and half and changed my diet she see me in a year.for review but if I get an out break before then I can have operation. 🤗😎I feel very proud of my self getting this far.have a good day ladies and gents .and what a lovely day to enjoy the sun x

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Very well done Cazzhicks 😊 Especially at the good news form the hospital 😊


Well done you,

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