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11 Days in & finally over the sugar withdrawal headaches

Thanks for all the comments they are helpful, i am going to be using this forum and my monthly visitS to my health center nurse whom is also monitoring me whilst weighing me so my weigh-ins will be monthly, happy to share, i am finding that the mental therapy of sharing this what has to be a life changing experience for me with you all anominuosly with no judging which sometimes we are all guilty of to some degree often with just a look thankfully i am thick skinned,

Anyway back to the important bit my first weigh in will be 24 April and will let you know how this goes.

Starting weight is 216.6 kg or in old money 34 stone- 10lb

Height 5.7& abit.

Clearly this is not going to be a short journey but it's one i must make as stated previously.

my middle son is getting married on 4th august and would be nice to be able to wear something nice. i am going to post some measurements and pics during this process for me as part of my metal therapy in regards to my weight loss as i now this will help me. any way will update every day or as i feel the mental need to express how i'm feeling via the keypad.

PS, warning my grammar & punctuation is extremely poor a misspent youth rather than at school :(

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caveman65 it is very good news that you have persevered with ditching the sugar. I was lucky and it didn't bother me, indeed I didn't do it consciously, but I know others have big withdrawals.

Fully agree that sharing anonymously is a huge plus on the forum, no judgement just support. How lucky we are, the more we come on the more we benefit in my opinion.

Good luck with your adventure into lifestyle change, you have a glorious thing to motivate you. You will be so proud shopping for nice clothes for the wedding.


Good morning caveman65 😊 The first few weeks are the most difficult as you create new habits and get used to new ways of eating, well done on 11 successful days 😊

A wedding is a lovely incentive to lose weight, my sons wedding was my first target 19 months ago and yesterday they had their first baby 😊 💕😊

Best wishes



You're right it will be a long road but it will take a lot less time to get to a reasonable weight then it did for you to gain and keep this weight.

You have to break this down into manageable chucks. Your first goal should to be under 210. Then 205. Then under 200.

Make a list of treats whether its a book or a manicure or giving yourself a facial or ordering your favourite series in a boxed set. You will have many celebrations throughout your loss so make the list long :)

Get a Fitbit. While it might seem like early days to think about exercising start reasonable. Make your goal 3,000 steps a day or even 2,00 if need be.

Pop it on and see how your first few days look and then set your goal. Its so rewarding when you reach that each day even if all it means is an extra 5 minute walk around the house and garden! :)

You may want to also think about supplementing with magnesium to help keep your spirits up - its fantastic and is known as natures chill pill - I am a HUGE fan of this mineral and take it every day.


Make sure you plan long past your son's wedding and don't just think about that.

It can be a goal (and a celebration) along the way but keep planning:)

I really wish you well on this journey and look forward to some updates.

P.S. You have better grammar and spelling than some of my friends! :P

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Well today 25 days in my first weigh in is next Monday at 3pm i have been really good only one small slip-up 12 Little mini eggs on Easter Sunday other than that feeling fine and upbeat.started the magnesium tablets this week as we as the multi vitamins + iron as i have anemia. the magnesium is an additional supp as suggested on here so will be in touch next Tuesday morning with the weight loss i have not been to the gym as i have felt that the first month loss would help me take some of the strain of a doggy knee but next Tuesday middle shift gym for an hour 3 time per week first month second month 4 times per week luckily the gym is a 5 min walk across the road and normally empty when i am there as i go during my slit shift break of 4 hours see you Tuesday.


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